I am researching the Proposed Constitutional Amendments on Florida’s Ballot for 2010, so that I can be an informed voter when I hit the polls in less than a month. I figured that I would share my views, so that others could be informed as well.

Amendment two:
This amendment is to exempt military members who are deployed outside of the Continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii from all property taxes on their homestead.

Pro: Those who favor this amendment say that military members who are not able to live in their homes should not pay taxes on it, and besides they are serving their county and should not have to pay taxes.

Con: Those opposing it say that this is an unnecessary perc for a volunteer military who is already being paid for their service.

Vote yes to exempt them from taxes, vote no if they should pay them.

My Take: This exempts military personnel outside the US from property taxes. At first blush, this looks like a tax cut, and I am all about tax cuts. What this really is, though is creation of yet another class of super citizens that get a special privilege because they work for the government. This does nothing to curb government spending, or to cut taxes overall. I will always vote no to anyone spending my money, except for me. My taxes are already high enough. If this passes, they will have to go up again to compensate. No thanks.

This bill will probably pass, because the only party that claims to like tax cuts likes kissing military ass even more. Expect them to get a cut, and expect your taxes to go up and pay for it.

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