I am researching the Proposed Constitutional Amendments on Florida’s Ballot for 2010, so that I can be an informed voter when I hit the polls in less than a month. I figured that I would share my views, so that others could be informed as well.

Amendment one:
This amendment is for voters to decide on whether to repeal an earlier constitutional Amendment that mandates the use of taxpayer money to support the campaigns of candidates running for statewide office.

Pros: The people who favor this Amendment say that politicians have plenty of money, and certainly don’t need to be spending tax money to get elected.

Cons: Those against the Amendment say that it is in place to help the little guy who can’t raise much money get elected.

Vote yes if you want politicians to spend their own money to get elected, vote no if you think taxpayers should foot the bill to get politicians elected.

Me? I think that someone spending tax money is spending money that the government already took from me, and is therefore spending my money. I will vote against anyone or anything spending my money, except me. I will vote yes on this amendment.

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