Giving Nukes to Iran

President Potato claimed in December that he wanted to prevent Iran from getting nukes. He decided that the best way to do that was to release all of the sanctions and restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran has never really hidden the fact that they want nuclear weapons, and will not hesitate to use them on Israel as soon as they acquire them. The Ayatollah is the same guy who regularly says “Death to America.”

Keep in mind that Biden and the Democrats have repeatedly said that they cannot envision a scenario where the US would use nuclear weapons.

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Also keep in mind that the Dems have lied on virtually every statement of policy and goals. Based on what they actually wind up doing.

About the only silver lining here is that it WILL drive the Saudis into more dealings with the Israelis. The House of Saud does NOT want Iran getting dominance, and they were cutting deals with Israel well before the Resident Potato drooled his way onto the stage.

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