Bud Light sales are down 17% since partnering with trannies. Companies need to learn.


Big Ruckus D · April 26, 2023 at 12:07 pm

Yes, they do need to get their scrotes kicked in. But only a 17% decline to date? That’s a notable drop, but not what I’d call catastrophic. If it were a 67 or 77% sales decline then I’d say the damage was significant enough to really leave a mark.

The fact that ABInbev hasn’t yet issued a formal apology and retraction of the transfaggot campaign tells me they are hedging while hoping that they can outlast the short attention span of the American consumer, at which point sales will stabilize and mostly recover once the outrage wears off. And it will, because now no one is even talking about the little transfaggot since Tuckercs unceremonious shit canning is dominating the water cooler discussion of the same contingent that was pissed about their piss water beer of choice being sullied by an ostentatious, preening faggot.

Same as it ever was, the American sheeple are non-committal for the long haul. Just ask zelenskyyyyy about that, considering the legion of dicksuckers who had a ukie flag displayed prominently in Feb 2022, compared to right now. Yeah, he was always going to lose anyway because it was obvious the whole “coalition” effort (that really wasn’t) backing his corrupt little shithole was half-assed from the get go, and has become ever more clearly so in the intervening 14 months.

The last thing that TPTB managed to stir up fairly long term support for among a large cross section of gullible, easily goaded Americans was COVID. And they managed to keep a goodly number of them focused and worked up on that crisis dujour for about 28-30 months before it fell off like a stone. But like a massive case of blue balls, once that hard on couldn’t be maintained any longer, the desire was shot and they couldn’t get it back up for a while.

I’d say the public at large is still somewhat in that refractory period, because nothing (even transfaggotry) that has popped up since the COVID fear inducing operation saw it’s efficacy drop off has had any real staying power to dominate the news and the public consciousness with anything approaching the same level of success. We’re back to a cycle of 24 hours to maybe a week at the outside, before focus gets lost to yet another new “biggest outrage ever”. And that, of course, is entirely by design.

They have burned out all those whose minds they could capture. Now the pathetic outrage junkies are like a heroin addict, having thrashed their brain chemistry so badly with three years of mainlining “the good stuff” they can no longer get a lasting high without taking a fatal dose.

    Divemedic · April 26, 2023 at 1:07 pm

    There aren’t many companies that can withstand a 17% drop in sales.

      Big Ruckus D · April 26, 2023 at 2:26 pm

      But if it is only butt light sales that has dropped by that percentage, ABInbev isn’t hurting that bad yet. The damage to their share price is a bigger issue than the loss of sales of one of their many brands. How bad have the other brands been hit? I’m not seeing much useful data on that.

      My larger point remains, that I don’t believe all the damage to the brand will be permanent. People are fickle. And if ABInbev was really scared shitless by the hit they are taking, they’d already have done a full on ass kissing mea culpa to the customer base they alienated. Instead we got a statement from the CEO that was dissembling bullshit lawyer speak, trying to play it right up the middle with no admission of wrongdoing, and a new commercial that was a clear attempt at emotional manipulation by appealing to traditional, patriotic imagery.

      This is a game of chicken, and I’m thinking the boycotting consumers will blink first. There should’ve been multiple firings of senior staff at ABInbev last week for breach of fiduciary duty after a $6B wipeout of shareholder value by failing to reign in their ideologues, and we haven’t seen that either. Could it still happen? Yeah, if the boycott has enough juice to keep adequately putting the screws to these faggot worshippers. I’m not yet convinced that’ll be the case, since past experience has shown people cannot be relied on to hold a grudge over something like this.

      Meanwhile, nike, and now maybelline, have chosen to consort with this crossdressing buttfuck troll, and neither of them are taking all that much heat for it, since the tranny fluid outrage had already sucked all the air out of the room. “But forget all that anyway, because our boy Tucker got silenced!” This is how they weather the storm. Send up a new distraction, and the old one gets dropped like a side piece who turns up with an STD. It’s so easy even a geriatric pant shitting pedophile can do it.

Differ · April 26, 2023 at 1:19 pm

Their stock price hasn’t tumbled, while Molson Coors has gone up. Something not right there. Suspect big funds pushing ESG are supporting them.

    Big Ruckus D · April 26, 2023 at 5:00 pm

    The stock price had taken a hit. I see it is getting pumped now this week @Differ is probably right, some big woke money is covering up the damage. Kind of how disney will buy out theatres to provide cover to the lack of real ticket sales for their latest hyperwoke dogsqueeze movie.

    That’s another reason we need an economic collapse. It’ll leave no money to do such subversive propaganda bullshit at scale, as been the preferred approach for at least the last several years. All these scams need to collapse in on themselves like a dead pulsar. Starve them of funding, and they will.

Belgian Lambics · April 26, 2023 at 6:48 pm

Schlenkerla, Weihenstephaner, Thorfinn Hausakluif, Optimator Spaten, Taddy Porter, these were some of my favorites during the LQ (liquor store) manager days.
We used to sell the Buttwiper displays to most favored patrons and other distributor schwag to make money on the side.
Once sold a burned down and bought out damaged LQ stock Miller Champagne of Beers case for five bucks to a hot MILF.
I even liked the Belgian beers made by Trappist monks and sold at a ridiculous rate, a case would probably be about $200 now.

yakker · April 27, 2023 at 7:52 am

And yet, ABInbev’s stock price is doing just fine and is well over it’s yearly average. This Bud Light thing means fuckall to ABInbev’s bottom line.


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