Gun Free Zone Forcefield

I lol’ed

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That’s about as funny as the Pugel Stick fights between a woman and a man. Which usually ends up with the DI pulling the guy off and lecturing him for hitting the woman too hard.

Ah, the return of the Indian Ghost Shirt dance. Didn’t work out for the Sioux. Probably needed to just “believe” a little harder.

I would have walked up to her and simply tried to slap the stupid out. Nearly impossible, but fun.

As El Rushbo said comrade lefty is all about symbolism with no substance.
A no left turn sign before everything slides off into the abyss void.

O/T-Heads up, just read that future CPUSA voters err I mean illegals are going to be bused to FLA.
Comrade commissar Bowser of DC doesn’t want any more enrichment.

We are already used to that. There are large areas of Florida where no one speaks English. Not only Spanish: there are Russian, Czech, and Hatian neighborhoods where you can’t even get a meal without an interpreter.

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