We had our monthly department meeting this morning. There’s nothing like going in to work on your day off so you can be told a bunch of corporate rah-rah garbage that easily could have been an email. One of the things that they did was hired a bunch of nurses, techs, and a couple of doctors. One of the nurses that they hired is from the mid-east. As in, the UAE. She has never been a nurse in the US before, and her US license is brand new. Her English is pretty good.

That’s what confused me. So I told you last month that I ran into the HR director at a job fair, and they tried to recruit me because they didn’t even recognize me. Then, once I told them what I was being offered by other hospitals, told me that they couldn’t come close to matching it. The UAE nurse? They are paying her $1.00 per hour more than I was asking for. I don’t think it was personal, because the HR director didn’t even know my name when she told me that there was no way I could get that much.

I don’t understand why they would rather bring in people from other countries than pay the employees that they already have enough to get them to stay. I guess it doesn’t matter- I am out of there. My last day is less than 6 weeks away, and I haven’t even told them yet. I don’t know if I want to give much notice. That decision is day to day.

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Barefoot Peckerwood · April 7, 2023 at 9:21 am

They can afford that rate increase because of tax beeaks/subsidies they get from Uncle Sugga for hiring a H1C visa trash

D · April 7, 2023 at 9:44 am

It’s not just hospitals. It’s *everywhere* in the medical industry.

Try finding a white man or woman on the staff of an “old folks home”.

I deal with a lot of healthcare clients that are outside of hospitals: dentists, chiropractors, small-town doctors offices, optometrists, etc… When I started about 20 years ago, I could pronounce everyone’s names…but now over half the doctors have names like “Li”, “Yemeserajeong” (call me ‘sue’), “Sanghetmari” (call me ‘mary’), “Urikeli”, etc…

The accents are so thick none of my staff can understand them when they call us…how is that conducive to patient care?

They’re frequently rude to the facilities and technical staff. I even heard one (presumable) cussing out a facilities guy in their native language a few weeks back.

The government is working hard to make sure white people go extinct. Raise taxes more and more, then import people who get incredible tax breaks who are willing to work for half of what it takes you to survive.

I owe $24,000 in taxes this year. I was talking with one of the foreign doctors I can actually understand, and she said she came to the US and became a doctor because she didn’t have to spend any money on her education. It was all covered. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but if it is…that pisses me off. Oh, and let’s send another $50,000,000,000 to Ukraine and hike taxes on small businesses again.

    Big Ruckus D · April 7, 2023 at 2:58 pm

    What’s to get? They hate you and want to replace you with substandard shit-tier people that they can exercise more control over. They don’t have to give a shit about quality either, as they have an effective monopoly. The very same thing is being done by all the major institutions of this fake and ghey dysfunctional economic zone masquerading as a country.

    I hate to point this out (again) because I know healthcare is your bread and butter. But bigger picture, the healthcare industry in this country – as we’ve known it for the course of our lifetimes so far – is toast. It is simultaneously being squeezed from multiple angles. The first is unrestrained runaway costs that have made it unaffordable to an ever increasing number of people, irrespective of “insurance” or socialized payment for care (for some).

    It’s reason for existence is now to extort and asset strip all who come into contact with it. Yes, it is still capable of delivering some actual useful care amidst it’s larger general mission of simply managing symptoms for profit and legally pushing drugs, but that is predicated on the efforts of people like yourself; the competent and capable who know what they are doing and actually care. The very same people those who administer the business are flippantly pushing out.

    That’s the second big squeeze, the loss of talent, skill and knowledge. And it is picking up steam as those properly trained and fit to do the job are now either retired/retiring, or are getting disillusioned with the career and bowing out from frustration and burnout. COVID accelerated this quite noticeably.

    The third big squeeze is loss of trust. The handling of COVID has created a large contingent of people who simply won’t blindly trust medical practitioners anymore. They may seek care where it is absolutely needed for an acute injury or condition that cannot somehow be self treated, but will otherwise shun the whole shitshow. I’ve avoided all routine contact with doctors for two plus decades now, but for much of that time I was an outlier.

    Not so much anymore though, as people saw the fatally flawed standard of care for COVID that was enforced by the govt, and the profits taken by hospitals who were given perverse incentive in the form of effective bounties paid for maximizing the diagnosis of COVID cases, COVID deaths, and denying any access to treatments that are proven to work, like ivermectin. It was all ventilators and remedesivir, come hell of high water, under pain of license revocations, firings and lawsuits.

    And the outcomes of that were predictably bad because the hospitals went along with the narrative to cover their asses and make money. This has left a permanent stain on the whole industry in the minds of many. That effect is still growing, incidentally, as people have their moment of clarity on the death of a loved one that can be presumed – even if not proven – to be from the shitshots. Future fertility issues and probable brith defects as yet undiscovered will drive this distrust further still.

    Add to that the disgusting insult of the industry now giving full throated support to the physical mutilation and psychological destruction of children – and adults for that matter – by ruining their bodies and minds, denying them any opportunity to ever experience normal sexuality or ability to reproduce, which are all byproducts of the myth of transfaggotry. These “medical practitioners” are literal butchers, their work is on par with the likes of Mengele and Japan’s infamous Unit 731 during WWII. And the “most respected” (their assertion, not mine) institutions of medicine in the FUSA have gone all in on promulgating this lie, and taking profits on inflicting further and irreversible misery on those tortured souls who end up under their influence and in their operating rooms.

    Taken all together, modern medicine as practiced in what now passes for western civilization is a dead man walking. It is unsustainable on the costs alone. Adding the ever growing loss of competence and credibility to that are the nails in the coffin that will ensure its collapse. The presence of a remainder of those like you, who can still meet the standards and objectives that once made our medical industry the envy of the world, will not be enough to avoid it’s ruination. It is on the same trajectory as government, corporations, major organized religions, the education racket and the military industrial complex. They are all hopelessly converged and captured by unrepentant freaks and fuckups who actively seek the destruction of these institutions. The good guys are outnumbered, and are being rooted out either by the slow bleed of attrition, or by spectacularly flaming out when they just can’t stand it anymore.

    Consider this also: despite record breaking expenditure on healthcare, Americans are the unhealthiest they’ve ever been, though admittedly that is largely the result of poor diet, laziness and other bad habits. Just as with public “education” churning out the largest percentage of functionally illiterate (I’m looking at you chicagodishu and baltimore) and useless dumbfucks ever in their existence. Just as religion no longer preaches that which is scripturally sound, but rather what is politically and socially expedient, and therefore fails to impart morality in most of those who claim to be adherents to a faith of one denomination or another. It’s mostly pretend bullshit, claiming to be something it isn’t. And it continues to get worse, with no reason whatsoever to expect a reversal of the trend.

      D · April 9, 2023 at 10:06 am

      > It’s reason for existence is now to extort and asset strip all who come into contact with it.

      100 times yes.

      A lot of healthcare has recently been “invested in” by equity groups.

      Everything starts out OK–the hospital/practice/clinic/whatever gets some extra cash to expand or improve their services….but after a year or so, they start turning the screws. Demanding more and more money, trying to get the practice to make repayments with more equity in the business. Eventually they own enough of you and they squeeze every last penny from you and throw away the husk. Over the past 8 years, I watched a highly successful group of 35 practices shrink down to 28, 21, 16, and now 13 practices. A few months ago they said we “missed our targets” on some deal, fired all the C-level staff, and told all the doctors “here’s the new contract, sign it or get out”. Nearly every single doctor left. Nearly every single doctor decided to open their own practices within a few blocks. Nearly every single doctor took 4 or 5 of the most competent staff out of every office.

      …and surprisingly there was nothing in the policy manual or contracts about “not telling patients where you were going”, so for last few months they have all been telling patients “I know I’ve been seeing you for the last 18 years, but I’m leaving at the end of the month to go work at Dr. so-and-so’s new clinic down the street.”

      The number of patients have plummeted. When called and asked “we have you on the schedule for your XYZ treatment next week, we just wanted to confirm your appointment”…over 50% have said “Oh, go ahead and cancel it, we’re going to do it at Dr. so-and-so’s new clinic.”

      Instead of bringing in a nice 12-15 million ever month, they’re averaging 2-3 million every month.

      Everything’s in chaos. They said “get revenue up or we’re shutting your office down and selling it off”. That had the wonderful effect of prompting the remaining staff to go look for other jobs.

      One office is completely un-staffed with an HR drone sitting there fielding phone calls and trying to figure out how to field records requests at the risk of being fined thousands of dollars for not fulfilling it.

      The sad thing is that I’m seeing in more and more in larger healthcare settings. The small mom-and-pop single-office doctors have been getting screwed by insurance companies for years, but they have better staff and happier patients. They also don’t have investment or equity groups hanging over their heads demanding more and more money every month.

      Hell–last week at one of the equity groups, I was told to *not* renew antivirus on all the desktops because it “cost too much”. They’re literally running a network of 600 machines with zero protection against losing patient data…but the investment group just reported pretty good earnings for Q1.

        Big Ruckus D · April 9, 2023 at 4:42 pm

        Absolutely brutal. Not being in the business (I’m just a lowly tradesman) I hadn’t given much thought to how the doctors and other practitioners were also getting financially wrecked by the greedy bastards in the investment groups buying it all up to financially exploit. So I guess we can count that as fourth point of attack against the industry. Squeezed from all sides, and all the more reason I don’t see it lasting much longer in it’s current form.

Jen · April 7, 2023 at 1:04 pm

They did it at my hospital too. Recruited them, arranged their visas, helped with housing and paid a fortune. For awful workers. AND allowed one to go back to Africa for a month, when no one else was getting vacations approved due to staff “shortages.” I just don’t get it.

Anonymous · April 8, 2023 at 12:42 am

@DM You saw they never applied patches to their Windows after they installed it. Healthcare has the highest cost growth of any sector in the US. That result has to be planned to be achieved.

Jonesy · April 8, 2023 at 7:36 pm

“Diversity is our strength”

Or some bullshit like that….

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