The agency that is in charge of ensuring that our elections couldn’t be tampered with, the CISA, has declared that our election systems were, once again, completely secure. There were no shenanigans in this election. No siree, we are on the job, and can assure you that everything is in tip top shape over here. Everything is just as secure as it was in 2020, when it was revealed that the CISA was working with leftist lobbying groups and leftist corporations to lock down the most secure election ever. Ever.

If you don’t believe this, you are a threat to US security.

Categories: Rigging the vote


Steve S6 · November 11, 2022 at 9:03 am

Wow, and they called that before the counting is done.

Anonymous · November 11, 2022 at 3:09 pm

The elections this time were at least as secure as they were in 2020. (where’s my eyeroll emoji?)

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