I have it on good authority that school shootings don’t happen anywhere but in the US, so reports of a mass shooting at a University in Prague that killed 14 people must be completely false. After all, when leftists say that the US should model their gun laws after the Czech Republic’s

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tb · December 22, 2023 at 11:22 am

It was mentioned in the second article but you hear it all the time: “there needs to be urgent bipartisan efforts to recognize what’s worked around the world to prevent weekly mass shootings”.

They can EABODADIAF, but if anyone in power really wants to prevent the weekly mass shootings, you just have to disarm the bleeps, who this year alone have committed ~90% of them. This is according to Gun Violence Archive who uses the definition of killed or injured 4 or more not including shooter.

Unsurprisingly, GVA doesn’t tabulate race, but there are interested parties like Devon Tracey who takes the list each month, looks up such pertinent info, and shares. Hell, not a single white person made the list in Sept23 out of 43 qualifying incidents. Most months have 2-3 whites out of the 40-50 shootings. Really bad months have 65+ shootings. The bleep homicide ratio of 13-50/52/56+ gets blown out of the water by the bleep mass shooting ratio.

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