Is that legal?

Biden is considering requirement for vaccination for all interstate travel.

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I seem to remember something from Martin Luther King. “Everything hitler did was legal” was the gist. If you own the judges, the cops etc. anything you want to do to people is “legal”.

exactly…they are in charge for the moment, they seem to be doing whatever the hell they want

Ya gota wonder if this is a “Signal” to the Commie Minions in Corp. or States(Gov.) to apply preasure.

National Security? -When in doubt, use The Catch All.

If the Headlines i am scanning around on the MSM and others (enemy) sites. If even 30% of this madness becomes feality.
bad Bad BAD BAD BAD shtuff is comin. BAD !!!
These people are Insane……and Devoted.

He has mentioned several different ideas that haven’t happened… Will this one happen?
Limiting interstate travel without the cooperation of states would be difdiyto impossible…

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