Barack Obama is related to 5 other Presidents from the past century: Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, making six of the last fourteen Presidents all of the same family. That isn’t even the most stunning part. The scary part is how many connections there are between the occupants of the Oval Office and the CIA.

Barak Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham, is a cousin of George W Bush. Dunham was an intelligence officer with the 9th Air Force during World War 2, and was living in Lebanon just after the war. According to his official biography, Dunham worked as a furniture salesman for the Standard-Grunbaum Furniture Company, which led to his frequent travel and family moves. Independent researchers believe, however, that this job was a cover for his work as an intelligence agent, who surveilled radical groups, or military or Air Force production facilities, which is what brought him to Hawaii. He specialized in starting anti-government coups.

In the early 1960s, Stanley Dunham was part of a group photo taken with Barack Obama, Sr., on his departure from the University of Hawaii. Obama Sr. had been part of a State Department/CIA exchange financed in part by the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation that brought future African leaders to the U.S. who were being groomed to serve U.S. interests in the Cold War.

The photo would suggest that Dunham was one of the coordinators of the exchange, indicating work for the State Department or CIA. Dunham’s favorite bar in Honolulu, to which he brought young Barry, perhaps not coincidentally was owned by William J. Lederer, a known CIA agent who wrote the Cold War classic, The Ugly American.

Far-fetched as it sounds, Obama Sr. may not have been Obama’s real father. Obama Sr. and Ann never lived together or had a real wedding, and Obama Sr. had no contact with his son, except for a short two-week visit to Hawaii when Obama was ten, which may have been for the purpose of securing Obama a spot in the coveted Punahou Prep School.

It’s even more twisted. Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, was a Russian language expert that taught English at the American Embassy in Jakarta, which also housed one of the largest CIA stations in Asia and had significant satellite stations in Surabaya in eastern Java and Medan on Sumatra.

Dunham also worked for the Indonesian-American Friendship Institute in Jakarta, a suspected CIA front. One of her closest colleagues, Adi Sasono, had been the leader of the Muslim students during the overthrow of Sukarno. Dunham’s boss in Indonesia, Dr. Donald Gordon Jr., author of Credit for Small Farmers in Developing Countries for USAID (1976), was identified in Julius Mader’s 1968 book, Who Who’s in the CIA, as a CIA agent.

While Ann’s recruitment as a CIA agent has never been openly acknowledged, she was among the few U.S. government employees with the language skills and access to fulfill this role effectively. In fact, President Obama—as well as his mother, father, step-father and grandmother—all were connected to the Central Intelligence Agency.

In his book, A Promised Land, Barack Obama himself neglects to mention that, after graduating Columbia University in 1983, he worked for about a year for Business International Corporation (BIC), a Manhattan-based consulting house to multinational corporations, where his job was to edit newsletters on business conditions in countries around the world. BIC is now known to have been working with the CIA. Its sub-specialty was in recruiting left-wing organizers to use as assets, and in infiltrating foreign labor unions with the goal of promoting disruptions in targeted economies.

It’s well known that George HW Bush was the Director of Central Intelligence. What a lot of people don’t know is that he worked for the CIA as early as 1960. (pdf alert) In 1960, it was Bush’s CIA job to organize the Cuban community in Miami for the Bay of Pigs invasion. The Cubans were trained as marksmen by the CIA. Bush at that time lived in Texas. Hopping from Houston to Miami weekly, Bush spent 1960 and ’61 recruiting Cubans in Miami for the invasion. That is how he met Felix Rodriguez. (Source: The Washington Post, 7-10-90.) The code name for this operation was Operation Zapata. You may or may not know that in 1953, Bush co-founded the Zapata Petroleum Corporation, an oil company that drilled in the Permian Basin in Texas.

You may remember that Felix Rodriguez was the Iran-contra CIA agent who received the first phone call telling the world the CIA plane flown by Gene Hasenfus had crashed in Nicaragua. As soon as Rodriguez heard that the plane crashed, he called his long-time CIA supervisor, the man who was then Vice President George HW Bush. Bush denied being in the contra loop, but investigators obtained copies of Oliver North’s diary, which documents Bush’s role as a CIA supervisor of the contra supply network. The VP denied that it was him, and said “they must have me confused with some other George Bush.”

That is exactly how evidence was uncovered placing George Bush working with Felix Rodriguez when JFK was killed. A memo from FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was found, stating that, “Mr George Bush of the CIA” had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President Kennedy. (Source: The Nation, 8-13-88)
On the day of the assassination, Bush was in Texas, but he denied knowing exactly where he was, stating that he couldn’t recall where he was when JFK was assassinated. Since he had been the supervisor for the secret Cuban teams, headed by former Cuban police commander Felix Rodriguez, since 1960, it is likely Bush was also in Dallas in 1963. Several of the Cubans he was supervising as dirty-tricks teams for Nixon, were photographed in the Zapruder film.

There you have it. Basically, 6 of the last 14 Presidents were in the same family, and most of them were in some way connected to the CIA. Think about the implications there for a moment.


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Guy · December 8, 2023 at 6:24 am

I’ve never heard about these family connections before, very interesting information. Thank you

tfourier · December 8, 2023 at 7:47 am

Very interesting. The Dunham stuff.

Which would explain the two very odd features of the whole Barry Dunham story which I had not seen explained elsewhere.

First the whole Mercier Island school story of his mother while living in Seattle. To anyone who knows Seattle that was a very odd move. Even back in the 1950’s. From Wedgewood to Mercier Island. Supposedly for better schools. Huge difference now in quality (and housing costs) but not back then. And for someone of Dunhams supposed background and economic position moving to somewhere like Bellevue back sounded a lot more plausible back then.

In the 1950’s Mercier Island would have made a good place to go much lower profile if you needed to move in the Seattle area and yet keep everything within easy access.

The other huge WTF moment was hearing that Barry’s first university was Occidental. Which to any who knew Occidental and its reputation in SoCal in the 1980’s as a rich white kids college was pure what? He went where? That makes absolutely no sense.

UW in Seattle, UC Berkeley, UCLA or even USC would have been an automatic quota acceptance for Barry back them. But Occidental? That is one of the most bizarre parts of the who totally implausible story of Barry Dunham. Although it was at Occidental where the whole Barack Obama persona was created. When Barry the white mixed race kid became Barack the black kid.

Other odd fact. In 2008 Clinton had the majority of delegates going into the convention but the “special delegates” voted overwhelmingly for Obama as candidate. The “special delegates” list for 2008 is a very interesting collection of people. Of very interesting people.

Anonymous · December 8, 2023 at 10:42 am

Basically, 6 of the last 14 Presidents were in the same family, and most of them were in some way connected to the CIA. Think about the implications there for a moment.

One implication is the differences in the US Constitution between the British monarch and the American president are not as large as advertised. The founding lawyers installed a copy of the British government because they wanted to be a copy of the British aristocracy, including ownership of the economy by making fiat currency a debt to elites. The political realities were derived from military realities, in America’s case the Atlantic ocean was too expensive to project power across. What artificial barriers can libertarians invent to make voters’ envy too expensive to project? How about cryptographic privacy for money transfers?

Danny · December 8, 2023 at 11:19 am

That is interesting information – nothing surprises me anymore about the interconnected “elites.” Although “scoundrels” is a better descriptor. The night of Obama inauguration celebration we were watching on TV and I recall his smug look of triumph. Disgusting. And those Bush characters have always had a conniving attitude – I could never really put a finger on exactly why they had that look about them.

Thanks for this revealing post.

Anonymous · December 8, 2023 at 11:28 am

I thought there were birth certificate problems. Something is not adding up.

Anonymous · December 9, 2023 at 10:49 am

Reason #2 or #3 why Trump will never make it back to the White House.

County Cork · December 9, 2023 at 10:53 am

Wayne Allen Root along with a tenured professor of 40 years from Columbia said they never saw Chicago jesus.
The professor was proud of knowing all former students and keeping in touch.
Wasn’t John Hinckley Jr. in the Bush circle of friends?
The average normie sportyball griller still thinks that muh intelligence agency is mom and apple pie even after the Schumer comment to Trump about nine ways to Sunday of getting back at him.

Bear Claw · December 9, 2023 at 2:51 pm

Thanks to his courage and will to live, millions of John Howland’s descendants are alive today.

If only the dumbasses on the mayflower had not rescued Howlands sorry ass so close to our shores.

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