In my post on “educating a leftie, I gave examples of just one year of leftist violence. In fact, other than the minor skirmishes of J6, the left has been the one to instigate all of the political violence in the past 6 years.

The latest example is this morning’s attempted assassination of a sitting Supreme Court Justice by a self described Democrat who had hoped to kill a conservative court member to flip the composition of the court so that he could “save” gun control and abortion.

Unlike the J6 trespassers, he will be granted bail by the end of the month, while some present in the Capitol are facing 40 years in Federal prison. There are two justice systems in the US now.


Big Ruckus D · June 8, 2022 at 6:12 pm

I think it plainly obvious by now that politcally targeted assassinations (or attempts to do so at least) are an inevitable occurrence of increasing frequency. A country in a state like we are presently breeds political violence – most commonly from the left because that’s how they roll – as an ever growing number of people correctly see no polite solution.

There can be no compromise on fundamentals (didn’t Ghandi say something much Iike that?) and the disagreements long festering are all over fundamentals; the value of human life, the rights of fhe individual versus the interests and supremacy of the state, the idea that a nation must have defined and properly defended borders to be valid, the equal application of the law, and the very notion that words have objective, immutable meanings versus the bullshit redefinition games played by the left to reframe perception to their sole benefit.

None of these are getting resolved unless the left is forced into submission; or better still utter defeat. Voting and lawsuits aren’t going to effect that submission or defeat, only force will.

The left is – and has been – fomenting episodes in which that sort of force is brought to bear. They show no signs of backing off the escalation of same, therefore the good guys will either recognize and react accordingly, or failing that, they will perish with the passage of time and subsequent leftist ideological victories against the ideas that formed this country.

One thing needs to be understood: this country is already lost, and there is no saving it. What remains to be seen is wheter the leftist scum will finally see pushback and eventual defeat to ensure a decent, functional civilization with proper constraints again being placed on govt power can be created yet again, or if the left will simply run everything down into an unlivable hellhole for the long term.

Fundamental Transformation · June 8, 2022 at 7:10 pm

Burning America down Fast and Furious by any means necessary.
The Long March is a high speed sprint under JoJo.
Forward! Yes we can.

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