McDonald’s price hike

There are huge price increases coming from the fast food chain in January, as the company is raising what it charges the franchises.

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That’s a truly well timed hit to the expense side of the ledger for franchise holders. And (what I expect are) the worst of the food cost increases are yet to come. At least the ruination of WacArnolds (hat tip to Chappelle) won’t affect me since I don’t eat there anymore. In the end it will be a just another victim of the “new, screwed, blued and tattooed economy”. I expect to see many such cases.

Maybe their marketing experts can bring back the McDLT to rescue the company. Serve it with some special edition New Coke.

Maybe business increased with the new displays because the speakers were better? IDK, not a MacDonald shopper.

I recently moved more rural and the only fast food place nearby is McDonald’s.
Their prices are already noticeably higher than I was used to elsewhere.
For example, the cheapest sandwich on the menu is $2.39 and most sandwiches are $6 or more. Even a basic coffee is $2.19, not $1 like most places.
When I go there, I use deals in the app for better prices. The app is… Buggy…

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