Can you picture what would have happened had a member of the military said the same about Rachael Maddow during the Trump administration?

But remember “The military would NEVER fire on its own citizens.”

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joe · March 15, 2021 at 7:11 pm

otard put his people in place to destroy the military like he did everything else…the irs, doj, fbi, you name it…those that believe the military won’t be turned on it’s people are in for a rude awakening…shit, they have to dumb down the fitness test because females can’t pass it…they have trannies getting sex changes paid by the tax payer…we don’t have a military any more, we have a woke bunch of pink hat wearing vaginas wearing camo…they believe the same shit otard and rest of the libtards believe in…there are still a few patriots in the diff branches, but no where near what it once was

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