On the Dole

So this woman didn’t work enough during her lifetime to get enough credits to receive the full Social Security benefit and now wants all of us to pay her more, because reasons.

Susan Aubrey Wilde, 74, of Sacramento, California, lives alone in an apartment for seniors on fixed incomes, but her social security benefits of $1,122 a month barely covers little more than her rent of $794. After paying for utilities, internet, phone and the costs to upkeep and insure her car, there is little left to survive.

Here is a suggestion: Shut off the Internet and sell the car, both of which are luxuries. You can rely on public transportation and use the free WiFi that is provided in many places. There is no reason to demand that you receive more public dollars. You have two children. Perhaps one of them can help take care of you? And if they won’t, then why and how does that create an obligation on the rest of us?

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Easy way to fix this. No one who has immigrated to the US since 1965 or any of their descendants shall draw one dime of Social Security. They shall be taxed at a rate of 30% to support Social Security. That way Americans are taken care of and immigrants get to do the heavy lifting. All, end ALL tax money going overseas, that includes the billions going to Israel on the welfare gravy train.

Because immigrants should be slaves to support another class of people?

How about simply abolishing the incompetent government-run system and forcing people to go back to being responsible for themselves?

What do you do with people who have been paying in to the system for decades? Just a big “You phucked up! You trusted US (Uncle Sam)”?

Gary North says he was shown in high school around 1955 that Social Security would go bust around 2011 due to the cash flow changes from the baby boom retiring. That’s the Ponzi scheme the boomers you want to see as innocent victims have been voting for all these decades. What does it take for you to hold a voter responsible for their actions?

Didn’t read in the story where any of these people were immigrants.

While there are immigrants who are playing various giveaways, to include SS giveaways, the biggest scam in the US is being committed by boomers who are destroying our economy with the Ponzi scheme that is Social Security.
The system is not sustainable. Sooner or later, someone is going to get screwed. They have been taking an eighth of what we earn since it started, and all of that money is likely gone.

Well, yea, LBJ, a democrat pres stole it by moving it ou t of a lockbox and putting it the general fund where gov could steal it. Else it would be over-flowing with money. They’ll get it all eventually.

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