Grooming Children Tranny Insanity

Our Kids are Watching

Some of you have asked why we should care when people like Demi Lovato make it into the news when they declare that their pronouns have changed. Again.

We should care because your kids are watching. They see someone who is on the children’s shows that they watch, telling them that they can be trans. This is just another way of grooming children.

Instead of ignoring them, ceding the field to them, letting them have the megaphone, we should be opposing them. We should be calling them out for this. Don’t let them be the only ones who get to talk to your kids about this. Children are impressionable. Let’s give children the other viewpoint.

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Having served a few years as a teacher, I can tell you that your kids know, see, say, and do far more than you think they do.

Bill Maher of all people had a good segment on this topic recently – he basically said its a west coast/east coast thing, no one in Wyoming is talking about gender and trans issues, getting surgery to “fix” their condition. Its pretty much liberals reinforcing each other’s delusions.

And that’s why I won’t live in any of these places, and minimize any time spent there.

I’m for executing these pedo’s and there symp’s….in oublic in front of there minions.

Learned all cuss words and female anatomy on the first day of kindergarten bus ride as it featured K-12 in what was then rural route with Capitol City skyline in the distance.
Parents were career Army and teacher who always asked so what did you learn at school today.
Mom thought Pink Floyd The Wall was a bit much but dad took me to see it.

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