Gaming the Courts Purge opposition War on the Right

Pocket Vacancy

Proving that we are moving from a Cold Civil War to a hotter one, Shut Down DC is offering money to anyone disclosing the location of the six Conservative SCOTUS justices.

The reason for this, at least to me, is completely obvious. They WANT some looney to assassinate one or more of them. Such an act would allow Biden to name their replacement. This is nothing more than a group of people who want to commit murder but don’t have the balls to do it themselves. They know that there are people in their movement whose screws are loose, and are hoping that they can spur them into action by broadcasting the location of their desired targets.

I am willing to be that there will be a serious assassination attempt on a SCOTUS justice before the end of the year, with more copycats, and I would give you a 50% chance that at least one of those attempts will be successful before the 2024 election.

Meanwhile, the Republican baseball shooting of 2017 didn’t go far enough. This time, they are going to do something even bigger.

Now or Never is choosing to engage in direct action, it noted, because “conventional tactics are not enough” and it is “time to escalate.” 

The violence is ramping up again. If you think 2020 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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I don’t want violence, but I’m beginning to hope the leftists start it up, I’ll be more than happy to help put a permanent stop to their EVIL.

Tucker Carlson had a suggestion to call in bogus sightings all over the place with this group. Run ’em ragged for zip. Sightings are supposed to be reported on Fart Book.

Dunning-Kruger that nonsense.
Send them 5000 sightings a day, and let them spend $10K/day to hire new people to sift the wheat from the chaff.

And don’t be shy about sending locations that include the homes, offices, and dining locations of Leftard congressweasels, lobbyists, media, and assorted pet causes. Including local Planned Parenthood clinics. Have like-minded friends “confirm” with follow-up sightings at the same location(s).

The mob they’re angling for will scare people wherever it shows up, so spread the love.

Any tactic they thin is worth doing should be turned back in their faces tenfold.

I would also not overlook the opportunity to send stupid white college-kid agitators into some of the more “diverse” DC neighborhoods. Also district police and federal LEO buildings and events should prove highly entertaining as well.

E.g: “Justice Clarence Thomas is making an unscheduled appearance at the DC police academy graduation right now.”

FBI, Secret Service, and po-po always have favorite watering holes. These should feature prominently as well.

Hilarity ensues.

Lil’ Georgie Sorrows ordered it up after the muh democracy is under attack and the Grand Old Politburo must be purged quote.
Quisling traitors working for external enemies in order to burn it all down from within are the hardest to overcome.

Does anyone here honestly believe a violent resolution to all this isn’t already inevitable? Much of the world is trending that direction anyway, see Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, and soon to be much of Europe and the US, undoubtedly.

I fully expect the left to start it, because that’s what they do when they are frothing mad and impatient at the pace of implementing the things they want; or at least think they want, until the blowback invariably bites them in the ass. The boot is not encroaching on the face fast enough for their taste. So yes, violence is assured now. How it ends up is entirely dependent on the good guys deciding to cast off all restraint and do what will need to be done, no matter how umpalatable. Failing that, the violence of the left will go unchecked until those who manage to somehow survive it are back to stone age living standards.

And take note that the left has continuously redefined what constituted violence against them, now reaching the stage where ones speech and even thoughts – or lack thereof – on a particular subject are “violence” thereby justifying (in their juvenile shit filled brains) retaliatory, or even first strike violence against their perceived enemies. This situation cannot (and obviously will not) remain static indefinitely. Escalation will occur. Are you ready to weather that storm?

Don’t the justices have security guards? They need to hire some big guys with crooked noses and baseball bats.

Yeah, but they already know we’re pissed. And we know they know. So, to quote a certain criminal bitch, “what difference, at this point, does it make?” Not that I advocate speaking openly of specific plans, certainly, nor have I made any. But, I figure I’m already a marked man as a political dissident, if they decide to kick off the big roundup.

And TPTB made a big show about 01/06 and the sanctity of the Capitol being violated blah blah….

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