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The (metaphorical) printing presses have been shoveling money into the economy under the mistaken assumption that all we need is additional debt to keep the engine going. It’s like a demented congressman who doesn’t understand engines deciding to open up the hood of an F-150® to just pour gasoline on it using the dim understanding of a toddler that, “gasoline makes engines go, so if I pour enough gasoline on the engine, it will be as fast as a spaceship.”

The US is falling apart. We are looking at a complete economic collapse. Right after the dollar goes, the government will follow. Go, read the whole thing.

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Anonymous · September 9, 2021 at 9:35 pm

The US is falling apart. We are looking at a complete economic collapse.

Don’t confuse the set of humans who are parasites with the set of humans who are net producers. The US is not falling apart, the government is; the economy is not collapsing, the government is.

The economy would be collapsing if for instance you lost the ability to offer medical care for a living because a disease had disabled you. That is not the case and the producers can still produce. Those Federal Reserve Notes or counts of them in bank databases were never wealth, so if people stop valuing them no wealth disappears. There are still 200 years of fossil fuels in the ground in North America. The current flu disease problem is historically not all that extreme. There isn’t a new disease or bug eating our staple crop plants, or killing our food animals. Extraterrestrial aliens haven’t landed with cookbooks. We haven’t pumped dry all the fossil water under the Midwest yet. The oceans haven’t risen enough to ruin the beaches. All the engineering books are still in the libraries. No huge meteors have landed. The Yellowstone supervolcano didn’t erupt. Neither the New Madrid or the San Andreas faults have slipped. The economy, meaning the ability to produce and trade, is in great shape; and the faster government implodes the better the economy will get.

Right after the dollar goes, the government will follow.

And this is a bad thing, because? The parasites destroy their own logistics and ability to harm innocents because they have trained themselves into ineffectiveness. Why isn’t this a win?

About ten years ago NPR told me the North Koreans would be in even worse shape if their dictator died, because then they’d be without a government.

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