This week has seen the left going apoplectic over Elon Musk buying Twitter and saying he will reinstate many on the right who have been banned. The left is claiming that they will leave Twitter while loudly stamping their metaphorical feet on the way out.

They will do no such thing.

Just like their threats of leaving for Canada, and their claims of becoming so-called ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ they are 100% full of bovine excrement. When we on the right are denied a voice, the left takes away our hosting services, they take away our ability to have a domain name, they take away our access. Then they tell us, “If you don’t like it, just go create and build your own Twitter and Facebook.”

So we try to do just that, and they take away your domain name. Then they deny your would be users the ability to download your app from their app stores, then they deny you webhosting service.

Elon Musk has done none of that. All he has done is say that he believes in free speech. The left still has the ability to say what they wish. They can still avoid hearing what they wish at the touch of a “Block” button. As they told us, it’s a free country. There is nothing stopping you from starting your own Twitter. Except when there is.

The next argument that we had thrown in our faces was “Twitter, Facebook, and the like are private companies. They can ban whomever they choose.” Having the power to ban whomever you choose carries with it the ability to NOT ban whomever they choose.

The tolerant left hates when people have or express an opinion that is different from their own. They hate that to the point where even this blog in its little corner of the Internet causes people to enter spastic fits of comment posting rage that are so incessant that even when they are banned from posting, they continue to send threats and insults by email, and when those are ignored, they begin posting comments on other blogs, attempting to continue the argument.

The left doesn’t just want to have its own voice heard, it needs to silence the voices of everyone else. This is a sign of a weak philosophy or faulty idea. If your system of beliefs is so weak that it cannot stand against opposing ideas, then it mustn’t be a very robust system.

I have to say that the left losing its collective mind because they can’t just go out and start their own Twitter is giving me a schadenboner.


Michael · October 30, 2022 at 11:00 am

The meme says it all.

I wonder what distractions will occur to cover the theft of this “Free and Fair Elections”?

Praying for wisdom

TechieDude · October 30, 2022 at 6:00 pm

These people are unbelieveably thick. They have no problem when the gubmint tells Big[instert industry here] to crush people.

It always always always gobbles them up eventually.

I read an old japanese proverb once. I forget most of it, but the last line was “Whatever…there are cosequences. No one is exempt”

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