I am looking for a Primary Arms scope, because I like the illuminated ACSS reticle calibrated for 308. I want a variable optic with a max near 14x or 18x. Everywhere that normally stocks it is sold out. Anyone know where I can find one?

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just checked and Optics Planet is claiming to have a good bit in stock with two day shipping. 29R-RS-ACSS-PA4-14XFFP308-OPMOD-KIT2 product code.

They’re surprisingly great optics.

I have a 1-8 on an AR now. I like it. I want to start doing longer distance shooting.

Best of luck if you pick Optics Planet. I’m done with them.
They pulled that “in stock” thing on me on an item that no one had in stock. Cool! I got it, right? Day after day leading to a week or two of “your order is being prepared for shipment”.
Fuckers, they were lying and didn’t have it.
Finally cancelled the order and got it from some people who aren’t a bunch of worthless liars. Only cost me a couple of wasted weeks waiting on them.

So don’t get your hopes up.

Undocumented yep. The place has been messed up for about 24 months. They are essentially scammers now.

sorry DM, i tried…i sent you an email…let me know what you are looking for exactly and i’ll see what i can do

For 250-350 yards (as you discussed the other day) I would go with a 24x minimum if you want that MOA level. Think about the size of your reticle lines and the size of your target (that means not FFP). You don’t have to kill your wallet with a name brand. There are some (e.g., Tasco) Varmint scopes out there that are absolutely outstanding MilDots and will take the 308 recoil fine and they hold the zero. I have one on a Grendel. No one cares what the scope is as long as you make the groups. Also, if you have the dope on the load you don’t need the BDC optic corrections built in–the MilDot will do it. You’ll need to do windage corrections anyway, regardless, if there is any wind. Whatever the scope is, watch the forward bell on the scope to make sure you are not crowding (shit gets stuck in that gap in the bush) or hitting your rail, otherwise you’ll have to install a chopped 0.5″ riser which looks and functions like shit. Grab a scope you have laying around and determine what the mm size optic your platform will take with the rings you like. Obviously, get the largest lens you can.

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