It’s just that simple. I don’t care if a man wants to have sex with other men. I don’t care if a man wants to dress as a woman. I don’t care if a man thinks that he is a woman. Whatever. You do you. What I care about is that you don’t force me to play along, and I especially want you to stay away from kids.

So when I see a man who thinks that he is a woman and dresses like a cat in order to give shows to children, especially when he openly states that he is “delivering children-focused programming with the goal of helping children develop positive relationships with themselves and others,” I have a problem with it. This mother should be investigated:

South Philly resident Mishana Klein has been taking her 7-year-old daughter to the story time since it first started five years ago. When her daughter first attended she “used to be really self-conscious … and now she’s so confident when she struts along with Maria Topcatt,”

Meanwhile, they are using public schools to indoctrinate children in the first grade. At least here in Florida, it’s illegal for them to use your tax dollars to groom first grade children for being molested by men who think that they are women and are dressed like cats in order to lure children.

Meanwhile, the Columbus, Ohio police department hears about a drag queen story hour for kids, and VOLUNTEERS to provide security, even though they were expressly told by the groomer freaks that they weren’t needed or wanted.

I don’t understand why the cops want to support the very people who want to defund them. Seeing that there have been violent political protests and that police are actively providing support and security for the leftists, I am forced to move Columbus from Zone 1 to Zone 3.

Don’t forget that Zone 3 is a zone where violence has has taken place with little to no attempt at mitigating response from local authorities. Additionally, police and/or prosecutors are likely to bring the full weight of the law down upon those who attempt to defend themselves from these actors, or those who speak out against them.

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Jonathan · January 4, 2023 at 7:09 am

Unfortunately I’m not surprised. Like most cities, it has been trending liberal for years.
They have attempted to limit guns in defiance of state pre-emption laws many times in the last decade.
I suspect this is management volunteering because they have political ambitions, nor the rank and file.

Anon · January 4, 2023 at 10:04 am

>Meanwhile, the Columbus, Ohio police department hears about a drag queen story hour for kids, and VOLUNTEERS to provide security, even though they were expressly told by the groomer freaks that they weren’t needed or wanted.

They are the enemy. Whatever “good” cops may exist, they still pull a paycheck and work alongside all the rest. Same with other government officials, whatever the agency. Even if they feel bad about it, they are still the boots stepping on everyone’s neck.
Screw all of them.

Steve S6 · January 4, 2023 at 10:16 am

“protects all residents equally” – except apparently the kids.

Beans · January 4, 2023 at 1:09 pm

Why did the PD work so hard to ‘support’ the jackwagons? Because if they didn’t and something happened, then the very same jackwagons would use it as a reason to further attack the PD. Both by working to defund the PD and by suing the PD, its senior members and the City and its senior members.

Remember, nothing you do for the leftist scum ever is rewarded. Nothing you do not do for the leftist scum is ever rewarded.

Provide police, it’s a fascist nazi jackbooted thug state putting said jackboots on the little man.

Don’t provide police and the PD and City are ignoring the needs of the little man.

Like the ‘mostly peaceful protests.’ Having police do their jobs is baaaad. Having police not do their jobs is baaaad.

There is no winning with these scum. So you have to set a level of response that is best for the community.

Maybe, just maybe, someone in the PD got the idea that if a lot of cops were scheduled to be around these pedophiles and scum that said pedophiles and scum would freak out and cancel the event.

Which is a very Alinsky way of doing it, come to think.

Wanna parade in the streets in perv get-up? Need a permit, which requires cops to be present. City commission waives permit, well, send cops anyways to ensure the ‘safety’ of bystanders and spectators. Oh, look, suddenly the parade goes away, shucky-darns…

Bad Dancer · January 4, 2023 at 1:43 pm

Columbus is a special kind of special. They had to disband their gang and vice squad several times due to rampant abuse and corruption. The city council is absolutely pants on head bonkers as seen in the ongoing lawsuit where they knowingly violate state law on preemption about firearms laws and have openly said they don’t care cause its tax payers money they get to spend dragging it through courts so they can punish people with the law and the cost.

They’re also incredibly trigger happy as a group. There were lots of video during the Summer of Peace of them launching CS gas at people, shooting pepper balls and chalk rounds at residents sitting on their porches, and pepper spraying student journalist standing on private university property filming saying it was for their own safety.

The leadership is absolutely hostile to anyone not like them and corrupt to the core. The marching order is to enable and protect the criminal and the lefty donar class and tread on the rest.

drum solo dub mix · January 4, 2023 at 10:41 pm

Evil groomer clowns and societies that enable them will catch the wrath.
The poleece only follow orders of the paymasters they protect and serve.

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