Two cars full of NRA members white men gang members unidentified young men engaged in a running gun battle in Winter Haven, Florida. All four people riding in one car, and at least on person in the other car, were hit. The Sheriff’s Department spokesman said that they are still counting casings and bullet holes to try and determine how many shots were fired.

Winter Haven is known as the bailiwick of Sheriff Grady Judd. Some try to make him into some sort of ‘tough guy’ hero cop. While I certainly commend his stance on people who commit violent crimes, he is also the sort of grandstanding cop that I can’t abide.

Don’t forget that Grady Judd is also one of the Sheriffs who has broken Florida law by lobbying state legislators to defeat open carry and defeat Constitutional carry. It is illegal for government officials to lobby the State Legislature for changes to the law, but that doesn’t matter to a police official who supports ‘law and order’ when the law is in opposition to his orders.

His opinion on guns seems to change, depending on who is listening:


West South Africa · February 1, 2022 at 9:58 am

Indispensable cultural enrichment and those who don’t like it should go back to Europastan.

SiG · February 1, 2022 at 12:03 pm

The Sheriff’s Department spokesman said that they are still counting casings and bullet holes to try and determine how many shots were fired.

Dumb question. Why? Does the number of charges go up with every shot? Does it go up from an attempted murder charge for everyone in the other car to one charge for every bullet? Does it cross some line like going into a Double Secret Felony?

It seems to me that if they know everyone that was hurt and everything damaged that would be all they need to know.

Big Ruckus D · February 1, 2022 at 12:14 pm

Hey, they were better shots than the typical Chicongo miscreant these days. Looking at the car, and assuming it was moving when the shots were fired, they actually hit their target with near respectable accuracy. Maybe these yooths are learning not to be so cavalier in wasting ammo. We live in hope, anyway.

As to the sheriff who wants to infringe on his constituents rights, and is doubtlessly using their own tax dollars against them to lobby for same, screw him sideways with a rusty combine.

x · February 1, 2022 at 12:36 pm

I had jury duty in Orlando 10 or so years back that involved a case a bit like this. Two groups of thugs shooting at each other. The jury duty was overall a depressing experience, mostly. I’m glad that we still have the jury box as a check on the power of the state to put someone in a cage, that’s good. But the whole rest of the thing? It was a 2 day attempted murder trial that left me disgusted with almost everyone involved including the state. The waste! All of us jurors, alternates, prosecutor and staff, bailiffs, judge and all the other people it takes for a case like this to go from the crime happening to someone being on trial for it, what a waste.
If I were king, jurors could interrupt whoever was testifying to dig at something. For instance, the “CSI Expert” who testified about what all the bullet casings and other evidence meant. This person had a 4 year degree in criminology and since it involved something I knew about (guns etc) I could tell she was full of shit as soon as she opened her mouth. She repeatedly confused “bullet”, “casing” and “cartridge” and it was clear she didn’t understand the difference. She didn’t understand how guns work and flat out said that when you shoot a semi-auto, that the “bullets” (her words, she clearly meant casings) fall out of the gun onto the ground. When you’re trying to make a case about who was standing where on the street when all this shooting happened, it kind of matters just a little doesn’t it about who had which gun and where does that gun tend to throw the casings?
It made me think. If that’s how little she knew about firearms, how much less must she know about fingerprints, DNA, blood types/spatter etc pretty much everything in a lab? I only picked up on it since I happened to know a little about the area.
The case was very weak despite a plethora of various evidence, including a bag of shell casings (at least 4 different calibers, those boyz were busting some caps) that they let us look at while deliberating. A couple of obvious questions came to mind, such as “were the defendent’s fingerprints on any of these? Whose fingerprints were on these? Did the defendent have powder residue on his hands? Did you look for it?” I wrote the judge a note asking a few things like this and he wrote back “you have to decide based on what we told you”. Ok then, you guys didn’t prove jack, not guilty – that took maybe 20 minutes once we got that note back.
I’m glad the state has the jury check on things so that’s good, but damn what a waste this whole thing was. The only sensible explanation I could think of why they pissed away all the $$ involved in taking this to trial was that they wanted the guy for other stuff or wanted something else from him, and threatened him with attempted murder charges. His defense lawyer properly calculated that the case against him was weak and went to trial and got the not guilty.
On the way out, (I was the only guy on the jury, a bunch of emotional women made up the rest) a lot of the women were teary-eyed and felt bad for the defendent, a hood rat if there ever was one. One woman went and got the bailiff and asked if she could talk to him now that the trial was over, she wanted to mother him and slap him and tell him he was going to end up dead if he didn’t change his life. The bailiff gave a big belly laugh and said “oh he’s here for a bunch of other stuff too, he’s not going anywhere and you can talk to him if he wants”.
Eye opening but general are-we-ever-screwed if this is where society is.

Will · February 1, 2022 at 7:09 pm

Sheriff Judd may be a bit of a showboat but I know a lot of places that could use a guy just like him.

    Divemedic · February 1, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    Don’t forget that the sheriffs who went to Tallahassee and lobbied against it are a big reason why we don’t have open carry.
    You like him because he wants to shoot bad guys. Remember that he will have no problem when conservatives are labeled as bad guys, as long as he has his rights.

      Will · February 2, 2022 at 12:10 pm

      I can disagree with Judd politically. I can disagree with you politically. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect either of you. Dirt-bags can come as liberals or conservatives. Some dirt-bags need to be shot. As long as he directs his “rights” toward dirt-bags, I’m OK with it. PS: thanks for writing this blog.

    Bert · February 2, 2022 at 7:19 am

    Raw naked barehanded violence.
    Does the thought of bloody fingertips scare you Will? Does it make your stomach churn?
    No, I don’t care one way or another. I am just wondering if that could be the reason you contract it out to men who would use it against you?
    It was not that far ago that such violence was held for public sport, good entertainment and all. But then we started to be come “civilized” and now shun it. I say we, but I truly do not include myself.
    I think violence is similar to real properties, Will. Once you contract it out to others it is no longer yours and you become a slave to them. Is that what you intend to leave behind for posterity? Your well worn chains?

      Will · February 2, 2022 at 12:17 pm

      We have been contracting violence to hard men ever since the human race began. It is up to the ordinary citizens to keep those hard men in their place. I’m getting to be an old guy and I may not last too long in a fight, but if you threaten me, my family or home you can expect to be met with raw naked barehanded violence. I would be drawing my weapon and calling those hard men in whichever order is needed.

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