Police State War on the Right

Still Going On

More than a year and a half later, the FBI is still arresting people for J6. At least 45 more arrests were made in Florida this week.

The FBI claims that they are now analyzing social media pictures to see if people in the J6 photos are wearing the same clothes in social media posts.

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They have truly turned into The Sword and Shield of the Party. In this case, the Uniparty in DC. Just as in the former Soviet Republics, you are not allowed to protest against those in power, and if you do, the FBI will hunt you down and put you into the camps.

– Don’t join any groups beyond political advocacy, especially “action” groups like miltias or groups that march (Proud Boys, etc).
– Don’t advertise (patches, banners, etc)
– Go as gray as possible. The one dude in that article got pinched because he wore a ring on his right forefinger in pics from J6 and they cross referenced his social media.

I’m genuinely surprised anyone who was in attendance hasn’t scrubbed their social media accounts of any reference to J6 by now. That would include any and all pictures on the cloud.

Big Tech is an arm of the police state and they will sell you out if they can.

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