A Republican who was willing to sellout and voted to impeach Trump is probably going to be anointed as the next governor of New York, now that Cuomo has fallen from favor.

Cuomo was becoming too much of a force in the Democrat party, and the Harris administration couldn’t have a challenger for power, so Cuomo was politically eliminated. The Democrats need token Republicans who can be used for claims of “bipartisanship” but can also be controlled like the cucks that they are. Who better than a guy who values his chances in the next election so much that he will sellout if he thinks it will benefit his election chances?

Now that the Democrats have proven that they can outright steal an election and then publish a news story in Time Magazine admitting it and no one will stop them, no one gets into office over their objections. The ballots that were used to game the election in 2020 were a rush job, with Biden getting votes on ballots that had no down voting. Expect that to change in future elections. The next time, they will begin printing ballots weeks in advance. They will select the tame candidates from the President all the way down to dogcatcher.

John Katko has proven that he is tame and will vote as he is told to by his left wing masters.

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