When I was a kid, Paul Harvey used to have a radio show called “The rest of the story” where he would do a short story about something that had occurred that “everyone” knew, and then would disclose the part of the story that was largely unknown. He would end the segment with “and now you know… the rest of the story.” With that out of the way:

Here is a tear jerking story about three young black people who were gunned down in their prime by evil, racist cops, when all they were doing was listening to the radio and “smoking.” What the story glosses over is that three handguns were found in the vehicle. What the story doesn’t mention is that at least one of them, Jaquan Kimbrough-Rucker, has a lengthy criminal record. He was convicted in 2018 for a felony in Indian River county (burglary), was sentenced to three years and wound up serving two years in prison for it (first year was credit for time served.) He was released early. He was involved in this case just weeks after being released from prison. Had he served his full sentence, this likely would not have happened.

The shooting can’t be interrupting him too much because he was arrested in December of 2020 for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and again in March of 2021 for possession of Fentanyl, Cocaine, Ecstacy, Xanax, resisting arrest, and intent to distribute.

Now without knowing whether or not they were business associates of this violent drug dealer, or merely in the wrong place, this wasn’t some young, innocent group of young people. The two young people who were killed were friends with this drug dealing violent criminal, and that is what got them killed. It wasn’t racism. It wasn’t out of control cops, it was another case of criminal black men that got them killed.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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