Or: “It followed me home, can I keep it?”

A child is missing before being “found” at a female teacher’s house. I wonder what she was planning on doing with him. In comments, people are saying that there is no evidence that she was going to molest him, and the typical shit about “she was hot, this will make the kid popular” bullshit.

A groomer is a groomer. A molester is a molester.


The teacher’s arrest affidavit is here. (pdf alert) Here is the information on the class she teaches, which is English 1. The arrest affidavit says that she was his English teacher last year, meaning that the boy is most likely a 15 year old who is just beginning the 10th grade.

No mention is made of sexual activity. I wonder if it was that, or if the teacher was planning on helping the boy become a girl.

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Roy · August 19, 2022 at 11:39 pm

This has nothing to do with the teacher incident in your post, but it did remind me of an incident that happened to me over 35 years ago.
My daughter had just been born and she and my wife had just come home from the hospital a couple of days before. It was a Saturday and I gave my wife a break, so she was out. and I was home by myself watching the baby when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and standing there was my next door neighbor’s 5 year old little girl named Kristen.

Kristen asked: “Can I come in and see the new baby?” I said: “Sure, come on in.” She came in and was very quiet. My daughter had been sleeping but had just woken up and I was getting ready to feed her from a bottle. Kristen oohed and awed over the newborn baby, I even let her feed the baby while I held her. After about a half hour, Kristen decided she needed to go home, so I placed the baby in her crib and walked her to the door.

Practically the entire neighborhood was out on the street shouting for Kristen.

Yeah. Apparently Kristen hadn’t told anyone she was coming over, so for that half hour she was… Missing.

Thankfully, nothing negative came of it. I apologized to her mother, as I had erroneously assumed she knew where Kristen was. Her mother wasn’t mad at me though she was a bit peeved at Kristen. We got along great with those neighbors and laughed about the incident for years afterword.

In this day and age, I would have been in real danger of being arrested, so I would never do anything like that now.

Oh yeah, Kristen? She now has 4 kids of her own. (…dang, I’m getting old!)

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