The left not just going after blogs and social media- they are now going after podcasts as well. The powers that be intend to shut down all media that is not state approved. See this report here.

I think it is obvious now that Qanon was a false flag operation designed to look as crazy as possible, so that its existence could be used to silence alternative media. We are now seeing that come to fruition.

I was trying to listen to conservative talk radio on Sirius and on Blaze TV, but the hosts are all suddenly saying that the election wasn’t as bogus as we thought, and that “we will get them next time.” Conservative talk has been brought to heel. Alternative media is all that is left.

Even if you don’t contact me, find an alternative server now, or your blogs and podcasts may be gone forever. An XML backup is no longer sufficient, as Blogger and WordPress no longer support migration by XML.

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Phil · January 21, 2021 at 6:22 am

Hey Divemedic. I tried to get a hold of you through the email address you posted at the old place right before you came over here and it keeps getting rejected as not being a valid email address.
Please get a hold of me at BustednucklesAT protonmailDOTcom.

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