Remember back during the Chauvin trial, when people were threatening witnesses? The defense attorneys in the trial received death threats? Or when the jury members were found to be members of BLM and Antifa marches? All of that was not a problem.

Now that news outlets are claiming people are doing the same in the Trump case, it’s a problem again. I hope they are. Goose, gander, all of that. However, I don’t believe that it’s happening. This is the tail wagging the dog- the news is creating content to get people riled up.

If I *do* locate such a website, I will of course link to it.

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AZFloyd · August 17, 2023 at 12:08 pm

“I don’t believe that it’s happening. ”

Agree. That would take balls. And probably the mindset for “conservatives” ( I hate that word because conservative haven’t conserved a damn thing on don’t seem to be inclined to fight for what they have lost) that this war…. A winner take all war, therefore, this matter is existential. At the moment, I don’t see anyone with balls on my side. Those ISAAC scores are important dontchyaknow.

Revere's Riders · August 17, 2023 at 1:01 pm

Just read that GA senator is calling for a special session to rein in the Soros prosecutor.
How many CPUSA (D) electors got indicted for 2016?
Also the WEF praised esteemed party member comrade commissar Kemp (CCP) the governor of the glorious people’s republic of Georgia for not securing (s)elections.
This just in from Stacey Abrams-I be winning muh elections and sheeit cracka.

Big Ruckus D · August 17, 2023 at 2:43 pm

Meh. When the threats stop (assuming there are real threats being made, which is questionable because leftists lie as easily as they breathe) and people on juries, persecutors (f/k/a prosecutors) and judges start disappearing quietly and without a trace, I’ll be suitably impressed that the flag has gone up.

Until then, talk is cheap. Like the song asked, “Mr. Big stuff, who do ya’ think you are?” Threats are not only stupid, they are the domain of the perpetually frustrated who either don’t really want to, or can’t nut up and deliver tangible results. Witness blue hair twitter leftists making threats, versus antifa or other various shock troop operatives fucking up people and property for real. There’s a big difference between the two.

I understand the need to vent, but real badasses just do shit, and don’t talk about it, before or after the fact (SSS). So far I don’t see any evidence of real badassery taking place from the good guys. It must be taken into account that if such did occur, the state controlled media would go to great lengths to suppress awareness of it, so maybe it is going on and it has been hidden from view. But past a certain point, when well known individuals come up missing, it will not be possible to hide it with contrived explanations. And there aren’t body doubles available for all the shitheads, either.

DM has already written about how when the disappearances commence, it’ll be time for men of good character and determination to go dark and vanish in the wind. In the meantime, anyone with designs on facilitating or arranging “garbage disposal” should keep their egos in check, and their mouths shut. Someone openly blabbing what they fantasize about doing is either a shit talking poseur, or a moron who doesn’t understand opsec.

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