A Dad is catching crap from the woke police for daring to teach his daughter how to cook.

First, why? I taught both my son and daughter how to cook. Being able to cook a meal is a skill that all functional adults should have.

Second: This is why so many men no longer want to get married. What does a woman who has no job skills, can’t cook, can’t maintain the household, and is a sedentary lie-about offer to a relationship? What does she bring to the table? Congratulations to the woke crowd for reducing a woman’s value to merely being life support for a vagina.

I agree with this post, even if it does piss off feminists.

most modern women are not able to boil water, much less cook a meal. They are often slobs. They often do not want children and those who do want children think motherhood consists of laying by the pool while sipping Kahlua mudslides.

Most modern women don’t have the skills that would allow them to earn a lot of money. They might have a degree, but it is in something useless like avant-garde poetry, or gender studies. On the other hand, the few women who do have marketable skills have jettisoned anything that made them feminine: charm, the capacity to nurture, and the ability to be receptive. In other words, most modern women, like very small children, have no skills. The only thing they bring to a relationship is their vagina. Unlike children though, they have no excuse.


Elrod · September 20, 2022 at 5:56 am

There are exceptions, but for the most part, should “modern” women lose the sole franchise rights to vaginas most men would have nothing to do with them. Ever.

Francis W. Porretto · September 20, 2022 at 6:15 am

This is from the Jeopardy category “Unspeakable Truths:” the only category where getting the question right actually costs you money!

Matthew W · September 20, 2022 at 7:50 am

Growing up, I spent as much time in the kitchen with my mother as I did in the shop with my dad.
I learned a lot of important stuff in both places.

J. Smith · September 20, 2022 at 8:50 am

The linked article detailed my first wife to the letter, despite her claiming she was/is a Christian. But, she gave me two great, healthy, functional, patriotic kids. So, all was not lost.

My second wife thought that happiness was/is the most important thing in a marriage despite her claiming she was/is a Christian. She is currently on her sixth marriageđź‘€.

I am 50, single since I was 43, and staying that way in perpetuity, just as 90% of my male friends are now, the juice just isnt worth the squeeze.

Amazing how much happier I am, and how much more money I have now, and I like my cooking much better, and when I dont, theres always someone smoking meat, having a bbq or willing to try a new restaurant. I keep many female friends, and they supply those missing pieces without the bullshit. Theres a lot of blame to go around. At least now I dont have to be bitched at for not getting the dogs balls lopped off, cause she thinks its offensive.

Its not only women that are in trouble, our boys, not young men yet, but boys are in absolute crisis, be a positive alpha-male influ

    greg · September 21, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    I brought my yellow lab Marco to our local dog school. The trainers there are all women. One of the older women instructors asked me in front of the whole class why I haven’t neutered Marco. I said the reason is simple, because Marco enjoys licking his balls. At that the instructor answered well that was the biggest embarrassement she’s had since she has started teaching. And the girl next me admitted that’s her logic for not snipping her dog.

Anon E. Moose · September 20, 2022 at 9:06 am

In school these days (well, a couple years ago when my freshest information comes from) they teach sex ed kinda like they teach drug classes: you ought not to do it, its bad and can ruin your life, and just in case you do it anyway (because some of you surely will) we’ll give you some info to help avoid the worst outcome: pregnancy and birth.

Teachers for whatever reason seem to be disproportionately gays. Even if they’re the alright sort that doesn’t try and ‘discover’ the hidden perversions of all their students (search hard enough and they’ll likely develop some), they’re generally childless and unmarried, and uninterested in becomming so. These people are presented as good rolemodels, perhaps better ones than the parents.

We’re feeling some of the disasterous consequences of the hippie era and perhaps earlier, for problems with ‘kids these days’ quite frequently find their start in problems with parents these days. Whether it originated from them or was passed down from above there’s a lot of the very hippie sort of attitude of ‘do what makes you happy’-style hedonism and extreme tolerance that doesn’t perscribe very much as far as goals in life except eating the marshmellows in front of you.

Big Ruckus D · September 20, 2022 at 10:14 am

Add to the list the number of modern women who don’t even know how to properly maintain and utilize a vagina. There is a lot of revolting stuff lurking there in the age of strong, independent women™️ who apparently exist only to be a net drain on someone elses resources. The lack of either possessing knowledge about their own bodies and how to care for them, or just not caring to even try, is at epidemic levels.

As well, the current prevailing attitudes about casual hookups has STDs on the rise big time (my fair city is consistently given an embarrassingly high ranking for prevalence of syphilis and gonorrhea rates) has left many a vag resembling a landfill or superfund site. Yeah, I’ll pass. My good health in middle age remains a major asset I’ll chose to protect over dipping my wick.

I’m still sometimes torn by my decision to go full “monk mode”. It has saved me tons of what would otherwise be wasted time, money and emotional investment in garbage women. But, it has also had the effect of excluding myself from the possibility of a relationship (and thereby any chance of having a family) for the last few years now, and that effectively gives globalist scum a another victory in atomizing and separating humanity, which is obviously one of their big objectives. I guess they get the win there, because I just got tired of all the bullshit and walked away.

American culture and social norms – and the resulting upbringing they receive as a result – have absolutely ruined most modern women. And I have material assets I have to protect from being raided or misused by potentially vindictive hoes. I’ll not leave myself open for a future divorce raping, either.

Even if they look decent (and the trend has long been moving away from that with freaks and fatasses galore) there are so many with shit attitudes, vapid interests, and insufferable entitlement complexes, that they become intolerable to spend time with. As the adage goes “no matter how good she looks, somewhere there is a man who is sick of her shit”.

They also get screwed up by being heavily pursued by simps who warp their perception of what their actual worth is. Being given a Tiffany bracelets on a first date, or flown out for a weekend in Vegas on the third (yes, I witnessed both scenarios really happen; in 2022, no less) sets a ridiculously high bar that I won’t jump over.

I’m far from perfect myself, but I find little incentive to bother anymore. Not getting laid won’t kill me. Having to deal with the inane, risky and and stupefying stuff that so many women do just might. Factor in a literal stable full of ex’s and prior fuck buddies (I’m unlikely to pull many with low miles at my age) who may come out of the woodwork and cause trouble for me. Still lots of jealous and possessive dudes around, who just can’t let go of a hoe. Just another invitation for trouble I don’t need.

Now, I may have used a bit of dramatic license in my description of modern women above, but it really is bad our there these days. I listen to and observe women (and men) when out and about. The stuff I see, and hear said in casual conversations and recounting of personal behavior, is no longer scandalous (that wore off a long time ago). But it is disappointing, and does nothing to make me reconsider that I made the wrong decision by exiting the game for my own well being.

One last thought, I can’t imagine trying to raise a daughter in this environment, with all the forces of culture and state solidly aligned against decency and tradition. The system essentially demands the creation of more dysfunctional and broken slags, and keeping girls out of that cesspool is a nearly impossible task. It isn’t much better for boys, but by their nature they are less conformist and somewhat less susceptible to the psychological poisoning that this world imposes on us all.

joe · September 20, 2022 at 12:01 pm

this isn’t a new thing… when I got divorced in the mid 90s most of the women I dated then couldn’t cook either… they didn’t know how to do shit…

Elrod · September 20, 2022 at 1:59 pm

I – finally – came back and followed the link to the NY Post story.

When things turn sour, it’s going to get really, really ugly.


JaimeInTexas · September 20, 2022 at 2:23 pm

Basic life skill. What is the alternative? That she depends on someone else to fed her?
All my kiddos (3 boys, 1 girl), all now adults, learned to cook … which also means to follow a recipe in a book.
Learning how to cook make you appreciate quality over quantity. Hmm.
What is next not to teach; sewing, washing clothes, …?

    Jonathan · September 20, 2022 at 11:22 pm

    I used to work with a 30 year old women who was over confident, married to a nonentity male, both engineers.
    When CVD was just starting and there was a run on diapers, she freaked out because she didn’t know how to sew – not sew well, but sew at all!
    I also found out her husband did almost all of their cooking…

Paulb · September 20, 2022 at 3:49 pm

This has been a fun subject at dinner at my house when I’m home from sea, more than once. My wife’s from South America, and a hellaciously good cook, along with being the social leader of her pack of expat friends in our area. Now, we’ve got just the one son, but some of her friends have daughters, and it’s interesting to watch the parents with girls who have a seriously wide-range of parenting skills. Some of the Brazilian ladies are too Americanized, and their stronk, in’ependent dont need no man daughters are well on their way to a steady diet of microwave dinners and SSRI’s just like the native-born girls.
Other women have taught their daughters more traditionally, landing somewhere in the middle, where the daughters can cook, take great pride in their appearance but have career goals. Others, the girls are married by age 20 and working on setting up house.
Now, my portagee isn’t perfect, but after a couple of glasses of wine, I’ve heard these ladies say more than once that if a woman’s only currency is providing access to the lukewarm hole between her legs, she needs to be very selective in who she chooses, and that if she doesn’t have anything else to bring to the table, she’ll never marry.
Traditional thinking like that is so taboo in our culture, and yet 100% correct.

Danny · September 20, 2022 at 8:03 pm

Lips – lips here, lips there. Oh – and nails too.

Billy Bob in Texas · September 20, 2022 at 9:07 pm

Been married 37 years last month to my first wife. One of the main reasons was she could cook better than me and I enjoy cooking. We now split things up. I cook outside and she cooks inside. I’m a lucky man.

Steve · September 21, 2022 at 8:05 am

Women to avoid from a decomm’d blogsite.
It’s worth reading, also comments #30 & #34, which I can see happening in other situations as well. Climbing the office ladder?


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