This douchebag says that he and the New Black Panther Party are “military” and that they are going to “apprehend” Zimmerman.He claims an ability to perform a “citizen’s arrest” under the constitution, and claims that according to “the street people’s law” Zimmerman is guilty of murder, and states that he is not subject to “the white man’s law,” which is “America’s law.”

He then says that Zimmerman will be tried by the “people” and once found, he will “not be alive.” He calls blacks who oppose his ideas “Uncle Tom Negroes.”

It appears as though this New Black Panther party and the rest of the race baiters want a race war. Racist dickheads.

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Derfel Cadarn · April 23, 2012 at 8:53 pm

As long as they start it I can see no reason in helping end it. They are severely outnumbered and out gunned not the type of odds I would be betting on. The important thing in all this is who is calling for race war and that they begin the violence.

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