Biden begged Putin not to attack America’s infrastructure using cyberattacks.

“We made it clear we were not going to allow this to go on,” the president said. “I gave them a list. … There were no threats, just simple assertions made. I think the last thing he wants now is a cold war.”

It’s almost like giving them a list of where we are vulnerable. If he believed that Russia was actually carrying out deliberate cyberattacks and had any balls, he would have said something more like:

“The United States views any cyberattack upon its strategically important infrastructure as being no different than a deliberate attack. The United States would be forced to defend its interests if such an attack were to occur. It would be most unfortunate for everyone if an attack originating from within your borders were to be mistaken for a deliberate act.”

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Cindy Emmerich · June 16, 2021 at 9:03 pm

More of this please!

WallPhone · June 16, 2021 at 9:18 pm

Marshal artists go to great lenghts to NOT project their next move. Psyops go to extreme lengths to give misinformation i.e. Operation Mincemeat.

Biden just hands over the goods. “Hey Putin! Here are the punches we’ll throw if it comes to a fight.”

skip town · June 17, 2021 at 11:13 am

My respect’s, always thought provoking, and insightful stuff on here. This is long obviously, guilty as charged, I am also guilty of lurking on here for many moons, only in the light of prudently keeping my council and ear to the ground so to speak, hatchets sharp too. But how else to express opinions on such a rich and dynamic perspective soup on whats going on?
Well, may be because, this particular post is a real sleeper, how it has to do with monumental implications.
I’m also astounded by the implications resulting since the election coup. Interesting times indeed? You ain’t kidding.

Can’t really pin point specifically what my spidey senses tell me, plus dollars to donuts it appears to my perceptions how events are playing out, that O’l Vlad met with fake potus obiden for the purpose of delegitimizing the totally fake narrative obiden is a legitimately elected potus.

Seems the process of exposing the illegitimacy of cabal and its machine, who Putin and his new Orthodox Christian Precept Russia are an existential threat to, is to politically assassinate its US positioned sock puppet on the world stage.
My first reaction to Ol’ Vlad acquiescing to meeting with obiden sock puppet was Oh Darn! Don’t meet with the sock puppet, you’ll only provide “gravitas” thus fortifying the false narratives lies and election coup as legitimate.
But Putin is no fool, and apparently does not suffer such monumental fools gladly, and being the keen real politick leader he is Putin did what no other leader could accomplish so sublimely, as in imagine the paradoxical elements here, A Russian President, exposing an American usurper for a cabal asset, a cabal which employs the ideological farce of marxism as its weaponized instrument to destroy the Christian West and subdue, pogrom, and genocide, the race of The Christian Men of The West, via methodology of marxian revolution and protracted struggle and all the hidious tools of social engineering.

Talk about edifying. Whoduhthunk such a thing would happen? Russia, sublimely sticking up for America? And not the cabal machine and it’s glowies and network? That, being an amerikan version of the old Soviet’s Nomenklatura, a class within a cabal, who have cored out the federal leviathan, and wear it’s shell of an illusion of legitimacy as a skin suit. It’s objective destruction of the people and idea of our Republic, Genocide if the Men of The West, all those who adhere to the idea and precepts of individual and ordered Liberty that is really the foundation of America.
It is just nothing short of astounding to me, having come into this world in 1958, grew up with the nuclear sword of Damocles, the Red terror, and the mind blowing insanity of the nuclear doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction. Being that was a constant thru my formative childhood, for it to be flipped 180 degrees on it’s arse is truly a paradigm, a total sea change in real politik, in plain old normative thinking. Wow.

In ways I’m not quite sure of for now, takes a lick of thinking to reset life long political thought patterns, I’m really glad Ol’ Vlad is on our side, us Deplorable’s and MAGA folks, simply the good folks of America.
At the least whatever Putin’s motivations, it surely looks to me he has an all out of proportion “mouse that roared” international effect, as part of this paradigm here is Russia has become an unimpeachable dynamic on the world stage.
Putin’s and his administration recent what for of the machine for its crimes against humanity in the form of the 1-6 political prisoners being held without due process, it’s patently flagrant violations of every aspect of Habeas Corpus, it’s diktat of Attainders of Writ it issues almost hourly in its efforts to stop what can not be stopped, the motive power and audacity of good folks who only wanted to be left alone.

I guess it matters not if Ol’ Vlad has any of our dirt people interests at heart, it is the effects are what counts here.

And now that the machine is cruising for a fight and has ruthlessly proven how it violates us good folk’s codes as a matter of strategy and usurpation, Putin, whether directly or thru happenstance helps our cause of liberty and freedom right when such help is needed very much.

Regardless of the insidious all but incomprehensible scale and scope of the organized criminal gang who have co-opted and converged almost every facet in the sphere of our Time Honored Traditions and our American way of life, “IT”, still the machine requires consent of the governed, or at least manufactured consent, tacit consent, to survive its utter illegitimacy.

All Putin had to do was show up.
It is like the day on 1-20-20, in Richmond Virginia, when tens of thousands of us good folks showed up armed to the f%#@ing teeth. I was there, such withdrawal of consent for cabal and it’s machine is incredible, its effects must have rocked globo=pedo world. The math is easy. If at the least, because of how the protest attendence went over the course of the day, it being a Tuesday work day, and bitterly cold, using the low estimate of 25,000 armed to the teeth Deplorable’s showing up, extrapolate out how many could not make it for all the myriad reasons, 25,000 as representation of America as a whole, even if it is only 1% of the population, then take out the too old and young, the sick, the ones who could not afford to show up, those who never got word of the planned protest, it represents still, the largest, very light small unit infantry army on Earth. One that I see, witnessed with my own eyes, as highly motivated and know what it is about, who are self armed, self equipped and trained to some level of standard, one that is the rebirth of the “Whole of The Militia” Colonial era concept. So yeah, it stands to reason the machine desires the destruction of such spirit, and to crush the virtue of such prudent display of courage and conviction armed to the teeth. I believe when we all showed up armed to the f%&#ing teeth, it spooked the ever loving shit out of cabal and it’s machine. I think the machine panicked. It jumped the mother of all sharks, released the panic-demic before it was fully positioned to obtain optimal results. That it’s massive surveillance machine totally missed the extent of how many shitlords and shitlordettes would show up, that it flew under the radar, that it was open source, grass roots insurgent, missed how determined and fearless, or more precisely how many armed citizenry do not take council of their fears, this then is what the federal glowies and other cabal sock puppet narrative of domestic terrorist potential is derived from. So yeah, you got to think like a glowie, as in deep down the machine and it’s network, yeah, they are terrified of what us good folks will do to them, how mad us good folks will get, for what they are doing to us and for their malicious violation of our codes.

And now, even Putin is basically saying enough of cabal and its machine. So the machine is threatened existentially from two entirely different flanks, by two entirely different legitimacies.
So yeah, maybe its time we listened with our ears instead of our mouths to what the machine is really saying about Russia. Me? I think IT, see’s Russia in the form of Putin, as a great threat to it’s global rule. The paradoxical dynamic is the leaderless grass roots insurgency of good folks, the threat this represents. As in cabal does not possess the resources nor cadre capable of handling both threats at once.

As the great Prussian Light Infantry Colonel stated, “It’s the act that counts, in war it is the act that matters.”
Everything that happens now off script shoves cabal’s Overton Window aside, seems the great conspiracy of the globo=pedo’s ain’t so great re-set as they like to brag on is all that. The unravelling of the chink-lung-aides William Ayers’s mass liquidation scheme is backfiring.

I think I see a most germane element on the verge of blossoming here. Where good folks are becoming manifest, that as TINVOWOOT is being realized across our great country, the machine’s election coup is a fatal mistake.

That simply by showing up meeting with obiden sock puppet, O’l Vlad injected more energy and motive power into the preference cascade of good folks as we begin to understand we are that unique plurality our Colonial era founder’s spoke of. That revolution is evolutionary in our cause, and as the preference cascade grows we begin to realize that we are legion we are a plurality, which I believe is the process of becoming a Legion, that will not can not be denied.

I savor the day of this paradigm realized. I understand now Patrick Henry’s demand of Liberty or Death, I am beginning see the crux now, starting to grok in my heart and mind, the why, “Our Cause We Leave To God and Our Rifle’s”, “Dues Vault!”, “I Won’t!”, and BFYTW. Most of all I believe I am not alone, but in the great company of a goodly number of millions of similar heart and mind.
That in the final equation it is and always will be our purview to effect positive change on this mortal coil, that there is great and good providence at work.

So Thanks Vlad, really appreciate you.
Nobody and I mean nobody could lay waste to the machine’s illusion of legitimacy by just showing up, thrust the machine into a crisis of legitimacy at this point as Vlad has. The doom of empire of cabal and its evil works is what is really happening, it is not America’s position in world power thats at stake, thats is total bullshit, for that America, is not and has not been we the people and our representative republican form of good governance for generations, may be as far back as the war of northern aggression against the secession of the southern sovereign nation states from cabal’s clutches.
If cabal was not wearing the skin suit of the federal leviathan, us good folks would hardly notice such empire goings on, other than to remain prudent and prepated common sense sovereign people armed to the teeth, living in a prosperous happy wealthy Republic with a society derived from hard won long learned time honored traditions.

As W.S. Lind contends how 4th Generation War is (as in part Hobbesian Warr) War of legitimacy. This is essential. The understanding of what this implies. We good folks are front row participants in this war of legitimacy. If we were not the legitimate as Freemen, if our individual liberty was not an unalienable legitimate part if who we are, there would be no war of legitimacy, be no need. Because we first would not be the decendent’s of the only successful slave revolt in history, you don’t get any more legitimate than that, and second there be no such thing as liberty and our America.
Sure the ancient evil wreaks havoc, sure it is out to undermine and destroy unfettered economic freedom, sure its trying to divide us so we are more easily conquered. How cabal and it’s machine thinks it can wreck and destroy all that, so it no longer is thwarted by the free good folks of America, is beyond me. It’s gonna have to kill all of us who refuse to comply and defy it. Maybe weapons of mass destruction, which sure seems like what the commie chink lung aids and the witches brew of the globo=pedo jab is about. I think all the clowns have managed is to create hybrid vigor, as the K Strategist among us have totally rejected and refuse to caught in their attempted genocide tactics, while may be, time will prove things out, possibly culling a great number from the herd of the sheeple. If this ain’t natural selection of survival of the fittest and K strategy at work I’ll eat my hat.
Yeah, globo=pedo clown world created a”great reset” alright. More like zeroed out the clock while giving K Strategist/Men of The West a boost unlike any.

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