So it appears as though Liberals are all of a sudden becoming pro gun. Let me enjoy a bit of sweet, sweet schadenfreude as I rehash a few liberal arguments:

1 You claimed for years that no militia can defeat the US military, making the right to keep and bear arms useless. Remember? Were you wrong? Or lying?

2 You claimed that you wanted to change the law, and give gun owners a choice: “You can have all your guns and no changes to law, or your narrative about how you’re The Good Guys. You may not, under any circumstances, have both. ”  Have you changed your mind? Or were you lying?

3 You claim that owning a gun has been linked to higher risks of homicide, suicide, and accidental death by gun. We have all heard you claim that a person who owns a gun is 7 times more likely to die by being shot than a person who doesn’t. Were you wrong, or lying?

4 For years, you have claimed that gun ownership is a sign of a man with small genitalia. Did your dick fall off? Did you finally see a naked man and realize that you don’t measure up? Or were you lying?

Were you wrong, or just lying? Were you lying in an attempt to disarm us because we couldn’t then resist your policies? Now that your candidate has failed, you have either decided that you were wrong, or finally admitted that you were lying. Which is it?

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