Remember when I put up this post concerning women using pregnancy to get out of doing what they are supposed to be doing? Here is another example of a woman using her vagina as a reason to escape duty.

When I was in the military, I was told: “If we wanted you to have a family, we would have issued one to you.”

I hated it at the time, because the saying was used to justify any petty order they wanted to stick on you- including pointless after hours work details (and most peacetime military work is pointless). In this case, though- this is a scheduled wartime deployment, not a pointless training exercise or work detail. Let this become common, and readiness is compromised.

Her 13 month old child was born AFTER she entered military service in 2007, between 26 and 37 months ago. Think of this:

When military women become pregnant, they are transferred to commands that fit certain criteria, such as being close to a medical center. The length of that assignment changed in June 2007, when the DOD extended the postpartum tour from four months after a child’s birth to 12 months. Combined with a nine-month pregnancy, that puts expectant mothers on limited duty for up to 21 months.

Picture this: This young woman joined the military, and finished two months of Boot Camp, followed by 4 months of school. She got her orders, and reported to her first command: She had been in the Army for 6 months, and had not contributed to the mission one bit. She then got pregnant, and sat on limited duty for up to 21 months. Now she has been in the military for 27 months- more than half of her 4 year enlistment is over, and has yet to do anything to earn the money she has been paid, and the taxpayer has paid for her medical care and training.

It finally comes time for her first deployment- (23 to 35 months into her enlistment), and she says she can’t go because she is a single parent.

Hmmm. Good use of taxpayer funds, there.

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Robert McDonald · February 12, 2010 at 10:45 pm

I hate this kind of crap. Give her a dishonorable discharge and be done with her.

miss kitten · February 15, 2010 at 2:28 am

when i was married to my ex, he was a corpsman in the navy. we were stationed at a small naval air station in texas. and there were young women laughing openly about deliberately becoming pregnant to get out of the service and then having an abortion after the discharge papers were signed. general discharge, at the convenience of the service. (this was in the early 80's.)

i also know a woman in her 30's, who was career tracked in the army, who married another army fellow. they were married several years before they started their family. their baby was roughly a year old when he decided he really didnt want to be a husband and father, and left them. filed for divorce. she had NO plans on being a single parent. she spent a year in the sandbox while her parents took care of their daughter. she got out of the service because she wanted to be a parent, and thought it was not right for her parents to do the parenting again.

there is being a good soldier. there is being a good soldier and parent. and there are cases where you cant be both.

kitten, who has a 16 yr old son who wants to be military…as his grandfather and uncle were before him.

Divemedic · February 15, 2010 at 3:47 pm


At least your friend that went to Iraq didn't use her parenthood to get out of her duty.

The military is not a social program. It is not a jobs program. It is a defense of a nation. Those who volunteer should understand that.

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