I first reported on the Applebee’s shooting back in March. There was a follow-up three days later. The story goes that our critter was seated at an outside patio table at the Applebee’s when he said something crude and disrespectful to a woman who was dining outside. The woman’s boyfriend told him to cut it out. Our critter then fired at least three gunshots in the air before pointing his gun at the couple’s car, who fled the scene in their car. Multiple witnesses saw the incident and the gun.

In response to the gunshots, customers that had seen the incident and shooting outside of the restaurant fled into the store, and the staff locked the door. Our critter then walked to the side door where an customer let him in to the store through an employees only entrance. When he got inside, he angrily asked customers in the store, “Why did you call the police?” and then said, “Do you want to see what is in my pockets?” As he began to pull things from his pockets, a man with a concealed weapons permit who was inside the restaurant shot our critter, killing him. No firearm was found on the body.

The latest is that the state has ruled that the shooting was a good defensive shooting, and no charges will be filed. That pisses the local liberals media off. There is a story and video here. You can judge for yourself.

To me, the standard is reasonable man. There was a crowd outside of the restaurant, who having seen what happened, fled into the store seeking cover from what they claimed was a shooting. The shooter then entered the store and began pulling objects from his pockets. With those facts and knowing that there have been a lot of mass shootings, I would have shot him as well.

I would like to know where the gun went. Multiple witnesses saw the gun and heard the shots. Where did it go?

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Michael · May 27, 2023 at 6:14 am

My take is: Given the shooters willingness to “Show” he was unarmed a “Friend” aka accomplice secured the weapon used.

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