Corionn Rodman Jones-Bentley was breaking into vacation rentals while the tourists who were staying there were asleep. In at least one case, he was caught and attacked the occupants. Deputies finally caught him and he has been charged with 9 burglaries and is suspected in 4 others. He attacked the arresting officers.

Looking at his criminal record, he has been arrested in 8 burglaries in Osceola county. In 5 of those cases, the state didn’t press charges. He was convicted in 3 of them by entering a plea agreement on all three cases simultaneously on March 3. He was given a jail sentence of 271 days, but all of that was erased with credit for time served. A total of 8 felony charges, plea guilty, get released from jail immediately. Then he resumes burglarizing homes immediately. Sounds like justice to me.

This is why we have so much crime. Our criminal justice system is a revolving door. Violent criminals are allowed to continue this behavior again and again, getting turned loose only to commit the same crimes again in a month or two.

Meanwhile, the police are out there being douchebags to people who aren’t committing violent felonies. Why is that? Well, the State Attorney for Orange and Osceola county is Monique H. Worrell, a liberal democrat. She boasts that her office is “culturally diverse” and her official website brags:

Monique was elected to bring reform to a criminal legal system that is fundamentally flawed, in order to achieve equity and to move our system towards justice.

The Osceola County Sheriff is Marco Lopez, a Democrat from Chicago. When he was elected, his priorities were increasing the diversity of the sheriff’s department, deescalation training and adding more mental health resources. Note that actually stopping crime and catching criminals was not on the radar.

I can promise you one thing. There is no recidivism if I catch a violent felon breaking into my house while I am home.

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Bad Dancer · November 8, 2022 at 7:39 pm

Why are they out their being jerks? Cause they know its probably safe to bully law abiding types. They and the people controlling them also know that us types have on average more discretionary income and can be acosted for more funds.

Look at all the active repeat criminals who get busted with guns who get the revolving door compared to some normal folks who make the wrong turn or get jammed up by a prosecutor with an axe to grind.

Jonathan · November 9, 2022 at 6:52 am

Unfortunately, many law enforcement and prosecutors, as mentioned above, put politics and revenue collection above their mission – police officers are too often revenue agents these days instead of peace officers.

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