Let me begin this post by saying that I have no strong feelings on abortion, except to say that it should be a State issue and not a Federal one. I can see merits on both sides of the discussion: the unborn can still be considered a person (especially after the fetus is viable) and deserves all of the protections and rights that other persons receive, and I can also see the opposing view that a fetus is not yet a person, and the government does not have the power to regulate a person’s body.

One thing I cannot stand is to see the law enforced both ways, as is the case here. A man is being arrested for causing the death of an unborn fetus that is supposed to be his. The thing that angers me about this, is that he is being arrested for doing something that many fight to allow the mothers to do: kill an unborn child for their own convenience. Explain to me how it is any different when a father, as opposed to a mother, does so…