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Advocating Trump’s Execution

Remember those historians that I wrote about who were advising Biden that the Right was a threat to Democracy? Just like all Marxists, they are apparently ready to begin killing off political opponents. Literally. Here is one of them saying that Trump should be executed:

Here is retired General Hayden, former director of the NSA and current CNN contributor agreeing with him:

They want you dead. If this is how they act when we own 600 million guns, how will they act after we are disarmed?

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So that’s the angle that explains why they planted this obvious bullshite is obvious story about him having nuclear secrets? These ham fisted (heh, see what I just did there?) perfidious little fucks. But hey. If it means they can implicate and liquidate kushner too, maybe I can see the value in it after all. Oy Vey, whadda bunch of schmucks.

Some I’ve heard were crowing he may have stolen the nuclear codes.

So what if he did?

What can he do with them? It’s not like there’s some skynet computer you can plug them in to launch, even if he would know how to do it.

It’s all bullshit.

There’s an iphone app for launching the nukes now, isn’t there? The cankled criminal cunt probably has the beta test version already installed, and running over somebody else’s free wifi. Don’t laugh, with the state of data (and national) security, that probably isn’t far off.

I always thought the codes stayed in the locked briefcase and were handcuffed to the military attache assigned to the President. That would seem to make mishandling them difficult. I also presume they would be changed on a regular basis, certainly in the event of a transition of power at the top, but who knows.
It does sound like a good movie plot though, which means most people would accept it as fact if it was reported on MSNBC. If they were going to plant evidence and expect a criminal conviction with highly redacted evidence due to “national security”, that would be the way to go.

The “football” is a communication device and manual.
The president carries a code card that is replaced regularly; any Trump kept would be massively out of date and useless at this point.
Trump’s lawyer, who was on site, has said the FBI refused to release the reason for the search, so all we have so far is speculation about the actual reason for the search, of which there is lots…

Didn’t General Milley Vanilly give those codes to the Chinese?

Nuclear codes? Bullshit. Any country that wants to know how to build atomic weapons can hire people who know how to do it. If freaking Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea can do it, who’s left?

There’s quite a bit of art in that science, but that’s a matter of hiring the people with the right skills.

Emmanuel Trumpstein will be the Czar in Bolshevik Revolution part two?
The two minutes hate won’t be enough for the true believers as utopia isn’t on the menu for the burn it all down by any means necessary crowd.
We are the Kulaks.
Plan accordingly.

Remember back in the day when Clinton gave the Chinese all sorts of missile guidance technology ?
Seems like Bill and Hillary should be first in line for the noose .

Hayden is a top tier scumbag. A guy at the NSA wrote a program to collect meta data but designed it to drop any civilian undesired information. You know spying on people electronically. Yeah that, Hayden became boss and had it changed to collect everything making it weaponized. Most people have not heard that story but its out there.

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