In California, new laws to prohibit small engines is worrying people who need those small engines to run the generators to power their RVs. Assembly Bill 1346 would compel the California Air Resources Board to adopt regulations by July 1, 2022, to prohibit emissions from all small off-road engine engines (SORE) including portable generators.

The question is whether the new regulations will ban the sale of these engines, or will they go one step further and ban their use, as well. I am betting the latter. If the regulation only bans the sale of small engines, I predict that there will be a booming business in small engine dealers just across the state line in Nevada.

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it's just Boris · December 21, 2021 at 7:31 am

In which case California will stake out dealers’ parking lots for CA plates.

Another option is to open a business converting small motorcycle (e.g. low-displacement dirt bike) engines for RV use. If one is clever one could even keep the bike’s functionality as a bike for legal cover.

Don Curton · December 21, 2021 at 7:41 am

I believe some of the new heavy duty diesel trucks can be optioned with a PTO. So the obvious answer for RV’ers is to hook up a gear multiplier (or reducer, depending) and then connect a generator to the truck PTO. Instead of a small engine generator that’ll run on a few gallons of gas for 8 hrs overnight, you’ll have a big diesel truck engine idling on multiple gallons of diesel all night long. Much better /sarc.

    EN2 SS · December 21, 2021 at 12:18 pm

    When I ran a route to Commiefornia years ago, truck engines were prohibited from running while parked, even if my co-driver or I were sleeping during our mandated break. Oddly enough, if you have a pet, the engine can run 24/7.

AC47spooky · December 21, 2021 at 11:18 am

The three far west states probably want to go ahead and secede in order to become Ecotopia. Imagine that.

How will they make their cooking fires “clean”? I can just see the lines at the reservoir collecting the daily water. And the collective farms with crappy produce. The black market for meat will be interesting.

Jonathan · December 22, 2021 at 10:56 am

I suspect that they’ll start by banning new engines, then later tighten what is grandfathered, like they did with “assault weapons”.

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