Propaganda Warfare

Back in June, I wrote about the Biden administration establishing a Ministry of Truth to police anyone online that would distribute facts that the government finds objectionable. This is one of the reasons why my server isn’t in the US. Anyway, the idea isn’t dead. A leaked document from DHS (pdf Alert) details how the Feds are going to police wrongthink and limit what people have to say. The Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Homeland Security is endeavoring to stop “dangerous” ideas from spreading on the internet. They claim that they won’t be preventing free speech, but I don’t trust that any further than I do a promise from Obama that I can keep my doctor.

The Global War on Terror has effectively ended. Terror won, in case you didn’t know. The US got its ass kicked, and the Afghanistan airlift proved that to the world. Anyway, all of those Federal Employees have to find something else to do in order to mark time and fulfill budgets until they can retire, so the war on freedom inconvenient facts disinformation is just the ticket. The Intercept reports:

Behind closed doors, and through pressure on private platforms, the U.S. government has used its power to try to shape online discourse. According to meeting minutes and other records appended to a lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, a Republican who is also running for Senate, discussions have ranged from the scale and scope of government intervention in online discourse to the mechanics of streamlining takedown requests for false or intentionally misleading information.

That is why my server is in another country. In fact, tech companies including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Verizon Media meet on a monthly basis with the FBI, CISA, and other government representatives . The meetings between the private sector and government are for representatives of those government agencies to dictate how firms would handle what the government calls ‘misinformation’ being distributed over media- including social media.

Just months before the 2020 election, the FBI and other agencies met with large media companies to discuss how the election results would be reported. Why would you need to discuss them? Just report the results. The answer, of course, is that the results and their dissemination would have to be “handled” and “spun” so that the people would accept what they were being told.

During the March 2022 meeting, an FBI official warned that statements made on social media could undermine support for the U.S. government. According to senior executives from Twitter and JPMorgan Chase who were in attendance in that meeting, the FBI stressed that we need a media infrastructure that is held accountable. In other words, the FBI is attempting to turn our media, including social media, into official information outlets of the state.

The FBI even has a special portal that they use to “request” that Facebook censor or throttle certain statements or information. The DHS division that is in charge of managing this is called the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The CISA has an advisory committee that includes the former Twitter head of legal policy, trust, and safety- none other than Vijaya Gadde, who was fired this week by Elon Musk.

That committee drafted a report calling for the CISA to remake the “information ecosystem.” This would involve the CISA closely monitoring “social media platforms of all sizes, mainstream media, cable news, ‘hyper partisan’ media, talk radio and other online resources.” The committee made the case that the government needed to take steps to halt the “spread of false and misleading information,” with a focus on information that undermines “key democratic institutions, such as the courts, the financial system, or public health measures.”

When business and government merge in order to forward the aims of the government to control the population is Mussolini Fascism.

“The Fascist conception of life,” Mussolini wrote, “stresses the importance of the State and accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincide with the State. It is opposed to classical liberalism [which] denied the State in the name of the individual; Fascism reasserts the rights of the State as expressing the real essence of the individual.” Sound familiar? To me, it sounds like the very platform of the Democrats today.

Gizmodo is getting onboard with this:

Gullible people eat up a gross diet of disinfo and loosely-factually-vetted, ideology-soaked infotainment, then run off to cause chaos in the real world. Who knows how bad things could get now with Elon on the loose

The odd thing about all of this is that the leftist media is screaming about how Donald Trump and Elon Musk are the ones spreading disinformation, but they aren’t the ones in charge of the government, now are they? The left is trying to insinuate that the appointees of Donald Trump are still in government and trying to sow disinformation, but I am not sure that anyone with half a brain thinks that DJT was ever in charge of the bureaucratic branches of the swamp.

The government is expanding its efforts to control the media. That same inspector general report details how the Customs and Border Protection determines whether information spread through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are accurate. The report also lists how agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement determine whether social media accounts are bots or humans, and how the mayhem caused by bots affects behavior. The Secret Service has reportedly also expanded their purview to include disinformation.

Keep in mind that President Biden has said that MAGA Republicans are the enemy of the state, and now you see how the war on those who would oppose the left is proceeding. Be ready.


I want to make a correction to my earlier post about the Rubio staffer who was attacked. It turns out that the attacker was Christopher Monzon. The man who attacked him was Javier Jesus Lopez. I got the names reversed in my original post.

I also want to add that the press, especially the openly communist press in Miami, is running with the “white supremacist” claims. The press is now reporting that Monzon was at the Charlottesville protest. I don’t see what that has to do with anything. Let’s say that every claim is true- he WAS at the Charlottesville protest. How would his attacker have known that? Even if Monzon was there, and even if his attacker knew that, does that mean his attacker gets a free pass?

This is dangerous territory. A continuation of Antifa’s “punch a Nazi” campaign, it’s a call to political violence. They forget that this can work both ways. Did a person say something mean about you? Beat them within an inch of their lives…” I seem to recall a certain asshole calling me deplorable.


Communists are still committing violence against the right. A staffer for Marco Rubio suffered serious injuries late Sunday night while knocking on doors as a campaign worker.

“Last night one of our canvassers wearing my T-shirt and a DeSantis hat was brutally attacked by 4 animals who told him Republicans weren’t allowed in their neighborhood in Hialeah, Florida”

Real Goal of the Alex Jones Judgement

Alex Jones has to pay $1 billion. He says he will fight, delay, and appeal for years. In any case, he is likely done. Still, the reason for what was done to him is apparent to anyone paying attention. Just look at this article from the Guardian: Only proper online regulation can stop poisonous conspiracists like Alex Jones and by Alex Jones, they mean anyone on the right, including and especially Donald Trump. I quote:

Jones, like QAnon, Donald Trump and others, can navigate fake news sites and social media to reach millions…No one seriously believes free speech is an absolute right. The British government is now making desperate attempts to define such concepts as “causing offence” and “legal but harmful”. More ruthless efforts at control are emerging from authoritarian regimes in Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The EU, too, is pondering regulation. But this realm of government is patently in its infancy.

The freedom of speech which to John Milton was “above all liberties” is not that simple today.

You get that? They consider censorship like Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the EU, and the UK are preferable to the freedom to say what you think. That is the lesson of Alex Jones: shut up, peasant. Silencing the opposition, it’s what every communist revolution needs to do.

Just Following the President’s Orders

You won’t see this getting much coverage in the MSM, but in North Dakota, a 42 year old Democrat murdered an 18 year old man. What makes this noteworthy is that the murderer says he killed the victim because the victim was “part of a Republican extremist group.”

Listen to what they are telling you. Never forget what the President said:

The MAGA agenda represents an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.

It doesn’t respect our Constitution.
It doesn’t believe in the rule of law.
And it doesn’t recognize the will of the people.

Open warfare edges closer. Those on the right are being attacked and killed. The right is not yet responding.

Military and Civilians

So many on the right keep claiming that the military would never fire on American citizens if they were ordered to do so. WRSA comes up with a few examples of the military firing on American citizens. They left out an important one.

The Bonus Army.

Congress had long paid a bonus to troops who fought in times of war, to make up the difference between a soldier’s full time civilian job and his soldier’s pay. Coolidge tried to veto the bonus for the troops of World War 1, but his veto was overridden.

Under the law that was passed,  each veteran was to receive a dollar for each day of domestic service, up to a maximum of $500 (equivalent to $7,900 in 2021), and $1.25 for each day of overseas service, up to a maximum of $625 (equivalent to $9,900 in 2021). Deducted from this was $60, for the $60 they received upon discharge. Amounts of $50 or less were immediately paid. All other amounts were issued as Certificates of Service maturing in 20 years’ time, or 1945.

By 1932, many veterans had been out of work because of the depression, so about 17,000 of them camped out in two Hoovervilles that were located in Washington, DC. They went there with their families, hoping to be paid the bonus that they were owed in 1932 instead of 1945. The two groups numbered as many as 50,000 men, women, and children.

 The camps were tightly controlled and well cared for by the veterans, who laid out streets, built sanitation facilities, set up an internal police force and held daily parades. A vibrant community arose, including churches in tents, kitchens, a library, and even their own post office.

They were told that the only way that they would be paid what they were already owed was to accept work in the Civilian Conservation Corps at Fort Hunt, Virginia.

Some accepted that and went to work, others did not. The veterans thought that by sitting there and refusing to leave, the government would eventually have to relent and pay them what they were owed. Instead, they were given an ultimatum: leave by May 22, or else.

Hoover ordered police to go in and clear them out on July 28, 1932. When some of the veterans refused to leave, one policeman drew his service revolver and shot two of them, both of whom were killed. General Douglas MacArthur then rolled in that afternoon with 1,000 armed troops of the 12th Infantry and 3rd Cavalry regiments, 800 policemen, and six tanks, all supported by machine guns.

Patton, who was in charge of the 3rd Cavalry, had this to say:

“If you must fire do a good job — a few casualties become martyrs, a large number an object lesson. . . . When a mob starts to move keep it on the run. . . . Use a bayonet to encourage its retreat. If they are running, a few good wounds in the buttocks will encourage them. If they resist, they must be killed.”

The infantry charge was made with fixed bayonets and suppported by the use of Adamsite (an arsenic based vomiting agent). Hoover ordered the assault stopped once the veterans had retreated across the river, but MacArthur chose to ignore the president and ordered a new attack, claiming that the Bonus March was an attempt to overthrow the US government. A veteran’s wife miscarried. When one 12-week-old infant died of respiratory complications caused by the chemical warfare attack, a government investigation reported he died of enteritis. In the end, a total of three civilians were killed, more than 1,000 were injured (some by gas, including an 8 year old boy left blind for life) and 2 police officers received injuries.

The negative publicity of the attack on its own veterans was believed to be one of the major factors in Hoover losing the 1932 election to FDR.

Not only were MacArthur and his troops willing to fire on and use chemical warfare agents against veterans and their families, in many cases the veterans who were being fired upon had served in the same units as the soldiers who were attacking them with bayonets. In the end, none of the veterans received a single cent of what they were owed, not in 1932, not in 1945, not ever.

Don’t make the mistake of believing for one single second that the military today would hesitate to kill you, if so ordered.


Do you want to know what is coming here in the US? All you have to do is listen. On August 26, Biden told Democrats that, “The MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and economic security… They’re a threat to our very democracy. They refuse to accept the will of the people. Trump and the extreme MAGA Republicans have made their choice — to go backwards full of anger, violence, hate, and division. But we’ve chosen a different path forward, the future, unity, hope and optimism.”

Then, just last week, the White House Press Secretary said that anyone who doesn’t agree with Democrats is an extremist.

The President himself then sent this message out on social media.

The NY Times is comparing the American right to ISIS and the Taliban. The Times goes on to call the grievances of the right “either wild exaggerations or outright fantasies — antifa supersoldiers, totalitarian globalists, satanic pedophiles.”

Now word comes out just today that Hillary Clinton said 9/11 is a reminder US must ‘deal with extremism of any kind.’ Then the reporter asked Clinton, “All of America’s elected officials really genuinely put party aside and came together after those attacks. Would that be possible today?”

“Well, I hope that it will be, and I give President Biden a lot of credit for trying to continue to reach out to people while still sounding the alarm about the threats to our democracy,” Clinton responded.

So the party that spent the four years of the Trump presidency screaming ‘resist’ and ‘not my President’ while simultaneously doing all that they could to oppose Trump’s policies is, now that their party is in the Oval Office, demanding that the entire country fall in line behind the President.

That isn’t how this works. Still, Clinton went on: “So we are in a funny position, Dana, because there’s a small, but very vocal, very powerful, very determined minority who wants to impose their views on all the rest of us, and it’s time for everybody, regardless of party to say, ‘No, that’s not who we are as America.’”

It’s working. In a Reuters poll, most Americans polled see Trump supporters as being a threat to the country. Fifty-eight percent of respondents in the poll – including one in four Republicans – said Trump’s supporters are threatening America’s democratic foundations.

This is the sort of talk that you would expect in a country where a political power or a dictator is getting ready to purge people, is getting ready to ethnically cleanse people. This is not normal talk.

Professor William A Jacobson, Founder of the Website Legal Insurrection

It’s clear- they intend to eliminate what they are referring to as a “threat to democracy.” That threat is anyone who opposes them.

That threat to be eliminated is you.

But Who Will Pay the Taxes?

The New York Governor just stated that Republicans don’t reflect the values of New York, aren’t real New Yorkers, and should just head down to Florida. This is a continuation of the “unpersoning” of anyone on the right.

She doubled down and also said:

I just want to say to the 1.77 million Jews who call New York home: Thank you for calling New York home. Don’t go anywhere or to another state. Florida is overrated. I shouldn’t say this, but look at the governor. It starts at the top down.

The left needs to make the right into villains. This is how every purge, every holocaust begins. You first have to make the right into subhuman filth, deserving of the final solution.