Killing the goose

New York has been bleeding residents for years. People fleeing the high taxes and restrictive laws for lower tax states like Florida has been going on for a long time. Now that COVID has taught companies that you don’t need to have your employees operate out of expensive Manhattan offices, that trend has accelerated. So how does New York respond to that?

As we all know, the Democrat answer to ANY problem is more taxes, so why not propose a 0.5% tax on every stock transaction? This was the entire plot of Office Space.

This will KILL the New York Stock Exchange. I hope it doesn’t come to Florida. See, the people who come here from New York haven’t learned their lesson on what voting for leftists does, so after moving here, they keep voting for the same politicians and policies that caused their problem to begin with.

To live here means listening to New York transplants constantly telling us how they “do things up north” and how much better things are “up north.” So, you ask, why did you leave? Then you get two answers: “It’s cold,” and “taxes.”

No shit.


Walls and fences

There are two types of walls that can be built: Those designed to keep something out, and those designed to keep something in. The wall that President Trump wanted to built was intended to protect American citizens by keeping out those who would plunder their wealth.

The one that Congress built in Washington DC last month was also designed to keep people out, but for a different purpose. It has been designed to keep the American people out, so that those people cannot interfere with those members of Congress who are plundering the wealth of those outside of the wall.

This isn’t the first time that a government has built a wall in order to plunder its own citizens, and no, I am not talking about the Berlin wall. I am talking about the Wall of the Ferme Générale. This was a wall built around Paris with the intent of preventing goods and materials from being brought into the city without the payment of a toll on goods entering Paris to the Ferme Générale.

The Ferme Generale was a corporation of tax farmers that collected a toll, sometimes referred to as a grant or a tax, on all goods entering Paris, and this toll was known as the Octroi. This tax was put in place, charging people for the ‘privilege’ of bringing goods into the city. As you can imagine, people in Paris did what people always do, and simply ignored the tax.

Well the people who made their fortunes stealing money from productive citizens couldn’t have that, so the powers that be decided to construct a wall around Paris with offices and different buildings for the toll collection. The construction of the wall was started in 1785 to cover an area of approximately 24 kilometres with just over sixty different toll houses or barrier buildings.

Nothing is new under the sun. Our own grifters are doing the same thing- they are ensconcing themselves behind a wall designed to protect themselves while they pillage the wealth of the richest nation the world has ever seen. I wonder if this will end with the guillotine.

Police State Power Grab

Heroes defend Pelosi & Biden

Failure of Education

Free pass

As a comment on the past weekend’s Superbowl game, I want to comment in the post game interviews. Listen to these men speak, reflect on the fact that every one of them has a Bachelor’s degree, and think about the amount of academic rigor that it took to earn that degree. Tell me that athletes don’t get a free pass, and tell me again how a College degree means that you are educated:

Police State War on the Right

Not a militia

Tell me again that the National Guard is a state militia and not part of a standing Army, when the Australian Army has troops serving as a part of the Washington, DC occupation force, now being called “Task Force Freedom.”

Nothing says freedom like armed troops in the Capitol.

Police State

Big Country nails it

In reference to Big Country’s post over at The Intrepid Reporter. The cops have been nothing but an extortionist gang for decades. A peaceful, law abiding person who generally is a cop supporter, I have had a few negative interactions with cops, including one where a cop threatened to KILL me for informing I was carrying after he pulled me over for running a stop sign.

In 2016, a guy with fake police credentials tried to arrest me for a traffic offense. I wasn’t getting in that car. He came towards me, I drew on him, and he ran. The real cop who arrived were given descriptions and a partial tag number. Nothing ever came of it. One cop. For a person attempting to abduct people while impersonating a cop.

In 2005, I had someone steal a check for over $200 from my mailbox, forge my name and deposit that check into his bank account. The number of the account that the check was deposited in to was printed on the back of the check, right below my forged signature, and right above the signature of the account holder. I went to the station to report the crime. I had a copy of the check. All the cop had to do was go to the bank, get the name of the account owner, and make the arrest. Anyone could have done it, it wasn’t a hard crime to solve. The cops told me that they didn’t have the manpower to solve a crime for such a small amount of money. On the way home, I passed 6 cops with cars pulled over, writing traffic tickets. So much for lack of manpower.

In 2000, my car was broken into: my stereo, radar detector, cash, and other items totaling about $600 were stolen. The crime scene investigator came out and took fingerprints. They got a hit, gave me the name of the person and asked me to sign a paper saying that this man did not have permission to be in my vehicle. A month later, I was told that the criminal would not be arrested because the crime was too minor to waste resources on.

So yeah, I get it.


Bipartisan Socialism

Mitt Romney wants to pay parents $350 a month per child.


Fuck ’em, NYC edition

This is what residents of New York City think of the government ordered lockdowns. A snowball fight:

Economy Presidency

Student Loans

The Democrats are fully into their tax and spend, Communist agenda. This time, they are demanding that President Biden ‘forgive’ $50,000 in student loans by executive order. That would instantly shift $1.6 trillion in debt from Starbucks employees with Gender studies degrees to the American taxpayer.

It took three years for President Trump to increase the National Debt by $3.5 trillion. President Biden is going to manage to hit that in his first six months in office.


Socialism always fails

There is an article coming out of Oregon Public Broadcasting that is complaining about a company that has been evicting people from rental housing, even with the nationwide eviction moratorium.

The article follows Leonardo Cruz, who they claim is being evicted from his apartment because he has a “service dog” and uses this as a springboard to launch into an attack of a management company called “Income Property Management, (IPM)” which is a for profit company that, along with other companies, manages various rental property for “Home Forward,” which is a nonprofit owner of low income housing in the Portland area.

Some of the rental properties are managed by Home Forward themselves, while others are managed by various contractors. Home Forward manages 2400 units itself, with half of the remaining units being managed by IPM. Why doesn’t Home Forward simply manage the properties themselves? The answer lies further down in the article:

“the nonprofit invests in its staff — a $20 minimum wage, pensions, comprehensive benefits” besides trying to “work with tenants and try to avoid evictions.” So why is this preventing Home Forward from managing their own properties?

The subject of the article, Leonardo Cruz, was admittedly at least six months behind on his lease. Letting people stay in your rental property without paying, while at the same time paying your employees high wages and lavish benefits is how you go out of business- nonprofit or not.

The national eviction moratorium says you can’t evict people for nonpayment. So the management company, with a tenant who hasn’t paid rent for more than half of a year, finds another reason to evict.

Demanding that companies provide people with free products while paying lavish salaries and benefits is a sure way to insolvency. Socialists never understand this economic reality, and this is why socialism has failed every single time it has been tried.