Using Children

Sophie, an 11 year old girl, was abducted by her dad because of a “bitter custody dispute.” They were eventually found in Mexico, and police successfully reunited the girl with her mother and her mother’s new fiancé. The father is facing felony charges and will get up to 3 years in prison, if convicted.

But he told, in an exclusive interview that took place the day before the warrant was issued, that the only way he will return to court and bring his daughter home is if he is allowed to put his case before a jury.

OK, well that’s his right. Don’t we all have a right to a jury trial? Not so fast.

Ex-wife Kelly Long opposed the jury trial in a motion and asked for Long to be summarily jailed for 18 months plus an extra year on one count of hiding Sophie and another for failing to hand her over.

Michael was ordered in July to pay $20,000 to cover the cost of reunification therapy for Sophie and her mother, as well as therapy for her two brothers, his sons.

That’s the story, but it’s also a lie. Watch this video to understand why the father wanted to hide his daughter from her mother:

Police dismissed the ‘patently false’ information about her. Egged on by mom’s attorney, they called it part of Trump’s quest for power, and part of the “QAnon” plot. They even got the dad’s gofund me shut down as being “fraud.”

Sophie claimed she was sexually abused by her mother’s fiancée Jacob Bellington and was diagnosed with a vaginal infection after being taken to the hospital last summer. That didn’t matter.

She was also interviewed by a specialist nurse with her father outside the room and repeated the claims to her. That didn’t matter.

The courts then took custody away from the father, and banned him from having visitation. So, realizing that his ex-wife and her new Swedish boyfriend were going to continue raping his daughter, did what anyone would do- he grabbed her and took off.

Of course, the ex-wife paints all of this as being a custody stunt, and the courts believed her. They have painted him as a “fraudster” who “coached his daughter to lie” about her mother and mother’s new fiancé.

This is how our courts work. Any man who has been through a divorce, especially one involving custody, can tell you how it works. If the woman wants “her kids,” the courts take her side. She gets the kids, she gets child support, the (now ex)-husband has to pay her legal tab. The assumption is that children belong with their mother. End of story. The only thing Dad is good for, is paying the bills.

It’s nothing more than a shakedown, aided and assisted by our courts. That’s why so many men are realizing the truth- marriage is largely a losing game, and the only winning move is to not play at all. The MSM, as well as women’s magazines are all in an uproar, trying to figure out why men don’t want to get married any more. They blame easy access to sex, and they are all wrong.

Marriage is on the decline. Men are deciding that it just isn’t worth it. Little girls are being raped, and the courts don’t care. This is because we are supporting mothers due to support feminism, are believing all women, or something.

So when people tell me how the courts are going to protect our rights, no matter which rights those are, I know that they are sadly deluded. Our courts, our police, our entire legal framework, is irretrievably broken. A society has as its first duty to protect those who can’t protect themselves. It’s also the duty of all civilized men, and the backbone of a civilization. Any country that fails to do so collapses in short order.

Well, our country doesn’t protect the helpless any longer. It hasn’t done so for decades.

Just ask Sophie Long. She will tell you the story about how a black man stuck his fingers in her vivi while her mother looked on, and the courts made it happen. I have to go take a break for awhile, before my rising blood pressure gives me a stroke.

So What Are You Doing About It?

Republicans are complaining that nursing schools are teaching nursing students to ask children about their gender orientation. The thing about that is, it’s their own fault. The reason why so many hospitals and other health care institutions are doing this is because…

It’s the law.

Section 1557 of Obamacare prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics). So to the Republicans- if you don’t like it, what are you doing about it?

The Democrats see something that they don’t like, and they fight to change it. The Republicans see something that they don’t like, and they… do nothing but bitch and complain.

It took a maverick like Donald Trump to fix the number one target of Republican ire- abortion, and they hate him for it. The Republicans need to stop being useless power mongering whores and actually do the job they were elected to do.

Malicious Compliance

How do you get revenge on your boss when you are angry with a decision that he has made? In the military, we called in “verbatim compliance.” The idea is that you follow the order in the most ridiculous or boneheaded way possible, with the intent of making the order look stupid. That’s exactly what the tranny leftists are are trying to do to conservative lawmakers and Governor Desantis.

The rule is Florida administrative code 6A-1..0955, which reads in pertinent part:

Provisions for parents to specify the use of any deviation from their child’s legal name in school. School districts will develop a form to obtain parental consent along with any required documentation, as appropriate.

There are plenty of ways to do this. You can have “nickname” listed as a part of the student’s registration form. Remember that the rule says that you have to have a written policy. So a district can have as a part of the policy that common derivatives of a name, such as Richard being Rick, Rich, Richie, etc. are permitted. But that isn’t what the democrat school districts are doing. Instead, the policy of at least one school district is taking it to the most ridiculous extreme of malicious compliance:

Orange County has already begun sending permission forms home to parents. “As an example, if the student is named Robert, but likes to be called the nickname Rob, the form must be filled out authorizing teachers and other personnel to call Robert the nickname Rob,”

Public education is nothing more than taxpayer funded indoctrination of leftist causes upon our children.

Volcanoes, Water Vapor, & Climate Change

Last August, NASA reported that the Tonga volcano eruption blasted an amount of water vapor into the stratosphere that has not been seen before. In fact, the volcano ejected approximately 146 million tons of water vapor into the stratosphere- that is the equivalent of 13% of the water vapor that was already there, a 5-fold increase of stratospheric aerosol load. Since water vapor is 4 times more effective at being a greenhouse gas than is carbon dioxide, it’s responsible for about half of Earth’s greenhouse effect.

The January eruption of the underwater volcano saw the catapulting of millions of tons of water vapor dozens of miles into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, where it is usually not as prevalent. This greatly increased the greenhouse effects of water vapor and raised global temperatures. (pdf warning)

That’s why everything was fairly normal until mid-March 2023, and then a dramatic 1°C warming spike in a matter of 2-weeks raised global temperatures to the record levels we are at today. We are going to be stuck with higher than normal temperatures for the next few months. So don’t let those with a political agenda tell you that this is man’s fault. This is nature at work. Science, it’s a thing.

Mug Club Undercover

Tucker Carlson leaving FOX News and starting his own streaming show has started a new trend in online news. Many Americans, myself included, have cut the cord and moved away from cable television. This is beginning a new era of news that is uncontrolled by the MSM megacorporations.

Steve Crowder has launched a new channel on Rumble- Mug Club Undercover. Here is the first episode, an undercover story on ‘kid friendly’ drag shows that are being guarded by armed Antifa members.

Sue Them, Then Sue Them Again

If you have a child in the Orange County, Florida School system, you need to sue the school for violating the law. They are refusing to remove the book “Lawn Boy” from school libraries, despite the fact that it contains child grooming pornography like this:

What if I told you I touched another guy’s dick? What if I told you I sucked it? I was ten years old, but it’s true. I put Doug Goebbels’ dick in my mouth. I was in fourth grade, it was no big deal. He sucked mine too. And you know what, it wasn’t terrible.

excerpt from Lawn Boy

Offensive? You bet. Even worse when you realize your kids are reading it. I’ve posted about this book before. Now supporters are claiming that the law is racist because the characters in the books are not white, so the mean Ron DeSantis is trying to ban books about POC children.

Army Tranny

Meet the newest spokesperson for the Ukraine military. Sarah Ashton-Cirillo in a tranny CIA informant and “Progressive Activist” who believes anyone on the right should be thrown in prison.

Pictured: Delusional Phaggot

The Kyiv Post on Thursday tweeted that Sarah Ashton-Cirillo “has become one of the speakers for the Defense Forces,” and his work for Ukraine was soon praised in statements from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense and Hanna Mailar, a Ukrainian deputy minister of defense. Remember that Ukraine’s President also wants to replace a statue of Catherine the Great with one of a gay porn star.

This shit just makes me want to see Russia win.

Great Quote

Off Guardian takes a look into the psychology of trannies. Food for thought:

Men go into women’s toilets because the transgression of the prohibition against doing so turns them on, not necessarily sexually. Men compete against women in sports and athletics because their unfair physical advantages give them a better chance of beating the women against whom they’re competing, and they enjoy, perhaps, enacting this revenge against the women that have rejected them

This got me to thinking- the men who are trying to become women are doing so because they have been rejected by women in some way- whether it be sexually, or because their mothers have not cared for them. This is a psychological response to the rejection that they have experienced. They now get to become women, and outperform them to “show them who’s boss.”

It’s part of their attempt to intimidate women that the transvestite men who go into women’s toilets photograph themselves doing so and then share the image online, much as kids often do the same when committing petty crimes or, as happened recently in London, threatening young women on the street.

This is a continuation of the “show them who’s boss” theme- it’s an “in your face” sort of intimidation tactic where they get to force women to cower in fear- making trannies nothing but predators. I would go one further- the in your face tactics also grant them power over the men who must allow this sort of abuse under penalty of law, and over the children that they victimize by forcing them to sit there and listen to their preachy sermons and stories about boys sexually servicing men.

I believe that only a small part of the behavior seen by trannies is for sexual gratification. Much like the child who tortures animals for gratification, the forcing of others to watch and even participate in their twisted acts gives them a sense of satisfaction in that they are now controlling others and forcing them to participate in their acts of delusion and depravity. It is forcing people to commit acts that they find objectionable that gives the tranny a sense of power over others, a way to force others to pay for the rejection and inadequacy that they have felt in their own lives.

Anyhow, go read the entire article.