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The Problem

So I asked in a previous post, what are police good for? Today we ask why mass shootings have become such a problem? The root of the problem lies with a movement that started out west in California during 1955. I am referring to deinstitutionalization.

Deinstitutionalization began in 1955 with the widespread introduction of chlorpromazine, commonly known as Thorazine, the first effective antipsychotic medication, and received a major impetus 10 years later with the enactment of federal Medicaid and Medicare. Deinstitutionalization has two parts: the moving of the severely mentally ill out of the state institutions, and the closing of part or all of those institutions.

In 1975, the Supreme court ruled that people cannot be involuntarily committed to a mental institution unless it could be proven that they were a danger to themselves or others. That high bar caused many mental patients to be released from the country’s public mental hospitals. With no patients, those facilities ceased to exist.

The entire idea was to use medications to manage mental illness and make the mentally ill well enough to live amongst the rest of society. The problem with this theory is that many people with mental illness don’t take their medications, either because they can’t afford them, or they simply don’t take them. The medications, especially first generation antipsychotics like Thorazine, carry a huge number of serious side effects, so many of those who are supposed to take them wind up self medicating with street drugs, alcohol, or both. In fact, 80 percent of the most severely mentally ill are never able to manage their illness and slowly slide into an endless cycle of prison, psychiatric facilities, halfway houses, homelessness, then back to prison.

Psychotic people often can’t maintain a job, are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and find it impossible to maintain interpersonal relationships. So they fall out of society. They wind up homeless, they cycle in and out of prison, and there are no real answers that protect society or the mentally ill.

Then you add the war on drugs with their minimum prison sentences to the mix, and mentally unstable people get tossed out of jail to make room for drug offenders. Most of those who were deinstitutionalized from the nation’s public psychiatric hospitals were severely mentally ill. Between 50 and 60 percent of them were diagnosed with schizophrenia. Because of this, deinstitutionalization has helped create the mental illness crisis we are seeing now by discharging people from public psychiatric hospitals without ensuring that they received the medication and rehabilitation services necessary for them to live successfully in the community.

Deinstitutionalization further exacerbated the situation because, once the public psychiatric beds had been closed, they were not available for people who later became mentally ill, and this situation continues up to the present. Consequently, approximately 2.2 million severely mentally ill people do not receive any psychiatric treatment.

The connection between deinstitutionalization and incarceration is all too obvious. In 1978, the prison population was about 25,000. In 1980, that had grown to 501,886. In 1995, there were 1,587,791 people in US prisons, and 30 percent of the prison population were designated as needing mental health services.

In the last several years, California engaged in mental health deinstitutionalization 2.0. This time it was Gov. Brown who pushed for sweeping new laws. Measures approved by the Legislature and voters have drastically changed the legal landscape and reduced prison and jail populations. By the end of his tenure, prison population in California had fallen by almost a third.

As the jails and prisons emptied, homelessness jumped. Now, approximately a quarter of all people experiencing homelessness in this country reside in California. And while there are fewer inmates, the prevalence and severity of the mental illness among prisoners has increased. Astonishingly, in just four years, the number of people in California who were deemed incompetent to stand trial has increased by 60 percent, straining courts and state hospitals.

It’s a serious issue. Approximately 14.8 million people in the United States have severe mental illness. We emptied out the mental hospitals, and many of the former patients wound up in prison or in homeless camps. Now they are clearing out the prisons, so we can expect to see more and more attacks by people who are mentally ill. Since there are not enough mental health services, many people who would have been identified and institutionalized before they could hurt anyone now slip through the cracks, unnoticed.

America doesn’t have a gun problem. It has a mental health problem, and it is getting worse. America is sliding into madness, a phenomenon that Heinlein referred to as “the crazy years.”

Much of this post is the research I did for a paper that I wrote for a public health class I am taking for my BSN. It was interesting enough to me that I put some of the things that are inappropriate for school into a post, and the result is what you see here. This isn’t even a rough draft of the paper, just disjointed facts that are part of my process.

Antigun Insanity

But How Will They Fight the Right?

Just when you think that the left has reached peak stupid. Now Salon is claiming that we can stop gun violence worldwide by forcing the US military to no longer buy weapons. I wonder how the left thinks that the US military will be able to fight AR15 wielding gun owners if they are no longer allowed to have F15s and tanks?

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Spacey a Pedo, Too?

Or just a gay rapist? The rapes happened in 2005 to 2008. The victims are in their 30’s and 40’s. Doing the math, his victims could have been as young as 16. Spacey was in his 40’s at the time.

Is there anyone in a position of wealth and power in this country that isn’t a sexual deviant?

Crime Grooming Children

It’s a Daily Thing Now

It seems like there isn’t a day that goes by without a teacher getting caught have sex with children. This time it’s a male Lake County, Florida middle school teacher who forced a male student to perform sex acts while the child was at his house.

Grooming Children

Foxes in Charge of the Henhouse

The more I see child molesters in charge, the more I think that this country actually IS being run by pedophiles. Why would you put an avowed pedophile in charge of the center for preventing child sex abuse?

What’s next, putting Robert Downey Jr in charge of the DEA?

Grooming Children

Groomers, part 6

A pair of school administrators were running a ‘secret club’ for high schoolers and using that access to try and have sex with kids.

This is one of the goals of the grooming activity we keep seeing and why teachers and Disney employees are so angry at DeSantis.

Tranny Insanity


In violation of leftist dogma, California Governor Newsome says that men can’t get pregnant.

The left can’t even keep their own bullshit straight.

Grooming Children Tranny Insanity

Prayer is Wrong, Says School

Joseph Kennedy was a football coach and it was his practice at the end of games – after the players and coaches from both teams would meet at midfield to shake hands – to pause and kneel to pray. Kennedy said he wanted to give thanks for what his players had accomplished and for their safety, among other things.

Kennedy initially prayed alone on the 50-yard line at the end of games, but students started joining him and over time he began to deliver a short, inspirational talk with religious references. Kennedy says he never required players to join or asked any student to pray. He also led the team in prayer in the locker room before games, a practice that predated him.

He lost his job as a result, and subsequently sued the school district. That lawsuit has found its way to SCOTUS. This post isn’t about the lawsuit. It’s about the MSM reaction to it. Note that the story linked here is to ESPN, a sports network owned by Disney, who as we all know is embroiled in controversy over their support for teachers discussing sex with 5 year old children. In class, where the children have no choice but to listen.

So the left is claiming that students seeking the approval of the coach will participate in the religious ceremony of prayer in order to ingratiate themselves with him. This, they claim, is totally different from a teacher leading 6 year old students through an exercise on transgenderism.

As a completely non-religious person, I can say that I would rather the coach lead the children than some pink haired freak trying to convince my child that mutilating their genitals is the way to go.

Grooming Children Tranny Insanity

Grooming Doctors

Remember when the AMA was getting behind the anti gun crusade? Now they are getting into grooming. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is publishing a new book for kids that aims to explain puberty and the changes that are coming to their bodies.

The book is aimed at boys, girls, and other. That’s right, now doctors are saying dumb shit like:

With traditional puberty education, whether it’s in schools or in books, we talk about how girls get their periods and boys get erections. But some girls – for example, transgender girls – might not get their periods. They need to understand about erections and those changes in their bodies.

If a twelve year old child is getting erections, they are not girls. They are boys. This is an excellent opportunity to screen any potential doctor for your child. Simply ask them, “Are you a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics?” If the answer is yes, follow that question up with, “What are your feelings about the AAP’s policy on transgender children?”

This should allow you to decide on if this is the best choice for your child’s health care needs. This is a battle for your children. Act accordingly.

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Making Math Racist

A few days ago, I posted about Florida refusing to buy certain math textbooks because they contained CRT and SEL propaganda, and the state is trying to keep political topics out of elementary school. No groomers allowed, to put it bluntly.

Now the state has finally given some examples and reasons for why they rejected some textbooks. Take a look:

It’s subtle, but they are grooming the kids in their care, so that they grow up to be good little communists.

Grooming kids to become little communists. That is why these books were rejected. I took the Implicit Association Test, and it is garbage. It asks questions like “Are those that you are sexually attracted to mostly of a similar skin tone?” and “Do you think that certain skin tones have an advantage over others in making money?”

Garbage. This isn’t math, and it isn’t science. It’s propaganda.