A Corner

That’s where Putin has deftly painted Biden. With the Biden administration so ineptly handling the Ukraine situation, he has painted himself firmly into a corner with respect to ….

Taiwan. The potato in the Oval office and his group of morons handling foreign policy are overlooking one glaring problem. In opposing the Russians’ support for republics that have broken away from the Ukraine, he ignores that this is the exact situation to be found in Taiwan: A subdivision of a parent country, being supported militarily by outsiders against its parent country. When China makes its move on Taiwan, the US won’t have a leg to stand on while on the world stage.

Expect that to happen in the next few weeks.

Giving Nukes to Iran

President Potato claimed in December that he wanted to prevent Iran from getting nukes. He decided that the best way to do that was to release all of the sanctions and restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran has never really hidden the fact that they want nuclear weapons, and will not hesitate to use them on Israel as soon as they acquire them. The Ayatollah is the same guy who regularly says “Death to America.”

Keep in mind that Biden and the Democrats have repeatedly said that they cannot envision a scenario where the US would use nuclear weapons.


The Biden administration is going to take us to war with Russia because his poll numbers are in the toilet, and it might as well be Ukraine we are doing it over, because after all, they paid for it.

The troops are moving. It looks like the following troops are being deployed to the area:

  • 82nd Airborne division is contributing an infantry brigade combat team
  • The XVIII Airborne Corps is moving a field headquarters to Germany
  • It also looks like the Second Cavalry Regiment (Stryker) will be deploying there from Germany.

The 82nd, being an airborne division, doesn’t have heavy enough equipment to take on the armor and artillery heavy Russian forces. The Stryker is essentially an armored car, and is by no means capable of taking on Russian main battle tank formations, especially considering that they are outnumbered and outgunned.

On the other side of the coin, we have the Russian forces. Nearly half of Russia’s 280,000 strong Army is arrayed near Ukraine. The Russians have amassed more than 1,000 tanks in theater.

This is a conflict that the limited number of US troops in theater can’t hope to win. This means one of two things: these troops are sacrificial lambs who will act as a tripwire to allow US expansion of the conflict, or that the Democrats are thinking that Russia will blink.

For those of you who think that the Republicans will oppose this, you have another thing coming. In fact, the Republicans in Congress told Tucker Carlson “We’re the decision-makers on Ukraine, not you” in a recent release that was intended to respond to the harsh criticism that Carlson has levied against Ukraine involvement.

“I don’t agree with those views,” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said when asked about Carlson’s monologues. “[It’s] the U.S. interest not just in Europe but around the world in not having countries decide, ‘That belongs to us, we’re going to go ahead and take it.’”

I agree that one country shouldn’t be able to simply invade another. I also agree that it isn’t a problem that US citizens should be dying to correct. All of this could be avoided by simply not admitting Ukraine to NATO. Why should we go to war and chance a world war that would cost millions of American lives, all so that we can defend another country? Of course, that isn’t what all of this is about.

Joe Biden owes the Ukraine because he was bought and paid for by the ten percent he got as “the big guy.” Besides, he is lagging in the polls, and there is nothing like a war to boost sagging poll numbers.

It’s insane.

All hat, no cattle

Biden says that, should Russia invade Ukraine, it would be the largest invasion since World War 2. I am sure that the South Koreans, who were invaded by 2 Corps of North Korean troops numbering 107,000 troops in the first wave, would disagree.

While it is good news that we aren’t going to war, the fact that Biden is a completely inept pussy is bad news for the US reputation. Now that the rest of the world knows that the US is a paper tiger, expect more countries to make this nation into their bitch.

That doesn’t mean that I am trying to say that we should get involved with Ukraine, because we shouldn’t. The point is that Biden should have seen that from the beginning, instead of running his mouth and proving to the world that he is completely impotent.

The problem here is that Putin has just exposed the US for what it is- an Emperor that has no clothes. The US military, though large, is not capable enough to accomplish all of the missions that it has been tasked with.

What if Trump…

If President Trump had called a member of the press a “stupid son of a bitch” during a press conference, the media would be apoplectic as they screamed that the President was trying to attack free speech. Hell, they went nuts because Trump got more scoops of ice cream at dinner. Since this is Biden, and the reporter was from Fox News, well, not so much. “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters said: “I think the president’s right. You are a stupid S.O.B.

Quickly Developing

Now the US has given 8,500 American troops orders to stand by to be sent to Europe. Holy shit, this guy really is looking for a fight. He went from “considering” it to alerting troops for movement in less than 6 hours. We are literally doing more to defend the borders of the Ukraine than we are our own borders.

The Democrats have wanted a war with the Russians ever since they snubbed Obama in 2014. So then we accused them of rigging the HRC defeat in 2016. It seems like they have been trying to pick a fight with them for years. Don’t forget when the Democrats did the “selfie” campaign to save the Ukraine from Russia in 2014.

Yes, Psaki was the Dept of State Spokesperson in 2014, the last time Russia did this

Here is my theory: There have been rumors that Biden’s strings are actually being pulled by Obama. This situation with Russia and the Ukraine is Obama being pissed because the Russkies bent him over the Ukraine in 2014.