It CAN Be Done

To those who think that citizens can’t beat a modern army with only an AR15, I have a two word answer:

Simo Häyhä

He was a farmer who only served the Finnish Army for six months, and saw combat for less than 100 days. Even though he was in for less 4 months, he managed to kill 505 Soviet troops with a Finnish copy of a Mosin, and another 200 with his Suomi submachine gun. This means that he killed more than 7 Russian troops every single day.

The most incredible part is that he did this with iron sights instead of a scope. The Russians feared him so much that they gave him the name “The White Death”. He was shot in the face with an explosive bullet but survived until 2002 before he died at the age of 96.

Keep in mind that this was Finland, who only had a population of 3.5 million at the time.

Now imagine that the US has well over 100 million gun owners. If even one in a hundred thousand gun owners can shoot like this, the entire National Guard would be dead within 60 days.

For What’s Right

I am posting this as a person who is an atheist, but one who believes in most of the virtuous support of family values that are espoused by those who are religious. In the Iowa statehouse, a Satanic church was permitted to place a statue of Satan and an altar celebrating him. We were told that this was done to allow equal access to all religions.

A man by the name of Michael Cassidy knocked down the statue and cut off its head. There are many who are demanding criminal charges. I disagree and fully support Mr. Cassidy.

This protest by Mr Cassidy was no different than protesters who tore down Confederate flags and statues. If those on the left are going to prohibit and protest Christians and their displays (including displays of the Ten Commandments) under the guise of “separation of church and state,” then that would include ALL religions, not just the Christian ones.

Just my 2 cents.

Training Camps

It was reported as far back as 2015 that Isis and Hamas were operating in the area of Mexico that is directly across the border from El Paso. Politifact even repeated the story, but claimed it was false because Judicial Watch refused to name their sources for the story.

Once the attacks on Israel were carried out by Hamas, a reporter with Pro Publica reported that, according to her sources, it was confirmed that Hamas had been operating a training facility in that area.

Newsweek immediately responded by “fact checking” the claim, and declared it to be false. Newsweek had this to say:

Newsweek was unable to find any evidence that Hamas had, or has, a training camp in Matamoros, Mexico. No searches on a variety of terms predating the current conflict returned any results even suggestive of a link between Hamas militants and training camps in Matamoros or elsewhere in Mexico.

That’s odd, since all they had to do was contact Judicial Watch, or read the reports from 2015.

Even so, the Pro Publica reporter who repeated the story last month has been receiving visits from the FBI over the past three weeks, with the agents demanding that she reveal the names of the agents who were her sources. Because the FBI opens investigations and interviews people who spread rumors. The mere fact that the FBI is investigating the leak and not the claim itself speaks volumes as to the veracity of the report. Ms Fields noted the same thing:

“I would never work with them [The FBI]. And I want everyone to think about this. They’re more interested in knowing WHO my source is and not the info they have to share so that it can be investigated.  That says a lot.”

My belief is that, with our porous border, it is a virtual certainty that there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of Islamic terrorists within our borders. To ignore this in light of the dozens of terrorists that carried out the WTC attacks of 1993 and 2001 is foolish. Those two attacks involved only 26 terrorists. How much damage can be done by several hundred or a thousand of them?

Even more frightening is the consideration that the FBI, itself the secret police of the Biden administration, is apparently unconcerned. In fact, the entire Biden administration is allowing it to happen with open borders, even actively assisting those who wish to pour across the border.

Such an attack, or series of attacks, is eventually inevitable. Once that happens, what will be the response of the American people? Of course, they will scream and bleat for a strong, decisive leader to protect them. Will the commies attempting to seize power wait for the inevitable attack, or will they stage it?

The election season is coming, and 2024 promises to be as bad as the one from 2020. I expect more violence and a more diverse set of threats than ever before. You should review your security arrangements.

This is Why

My regulars know that I am not a fan of libertarians. To understand why, read on:

This was my reply:

No, but they did leave you defenseless to face that mob without the most effective tools for defending yourself from that mob. So if you voted for the politicians who passed gun control, you are getting exactly what you voted for.

Like liberals, socialists, anarchists, and communists, the libertarians believe in the theory that everyone is good and will always act with kindness and fairness towards their fellow man, even with a complete absence of government.

In theory, if humans were innately good we wouldn’t need governments, laws or religions to keep people in line. That’s the core of those belief systems.

That is, at best, wishful thinking. To quote agent K from Men in Black:

A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

To espouse a political theory that relies on anything else is to engage in magical thinking. One might as well believe in the tooth fairy. People are illogical beings motivated by selfish, basic emotion and will kill you if they believe it will give them whatever it is that they want. As the US collapses, people will become more dangerous, especially if they believe that you are the key to getting whatever it is that they want.

They Used to Lynch Horse Thieves

Remember when I said when the police can’t or won’t enforce the law, citizens will begin DIY law enforcement? It bears repeating: Police are actually there to protect people who have been accused of crimes and protect those people to ensure that their rights to a fair and impartial trial are protected. Once people feel like there is no justice to be had, they lose respect for the law. Anarchy can be the only result of this.

That happened on Friday afternoon in Birmingham, AL. A man whose car was stolen didn’t feel like the cops were doing enough to find his stolen vehicle. They tracked it down to nearby Birmingham and followed it. When they eventually confronted the thieves, a shootout ensued. Two thieves received life threatening wounds, with two others being hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. No bystanders were hit. The police can’t have citizens making them look incompetent, so they want to arrest the owner of the vehicle for taking the law into his own hands. The press refers to the thieves as “victims” of a shooting.

The running shootout caused 2 miles of the Interstate to be a crime scene, with shell casings littering the roadway. This happens because the police can’t or won’t enforce the law. In the nine years that I have lived in this house, my vehicles have been the target of attempted burglaries twice: Once resulted in no arrest. The second time, the burglar got probation and his record expunged, even though he broke into four vehicles, stealing one of them. One of the cars broken into was a police cruiser that he stole a fingerprint reader from, another was a truck where he stole a handgun, on top of stealing one of the vehicles.

In the last 23 years, I have had 13 interactions with with the police, and I can’t say that any of those interactions were positive:

  • In 2000, my car was broken into, and my stereo, radar detector, cash, and other items totaling about $600 was stolen from it. The crime scene investigator came out and took fingerprints. They got a hit, gave me the name of the person, and asked me to sign a paper saying that this man did not have permission to be in my vehicle. A month later, I was told that the criminal would not be arrested because the crime was too minor to waste resources on.
  • In 2001, I was pulled over for running a red light. I let the cop know I was carrying, even though Florida law doesn’t require me to. He then threatened to kill me. I don’t inform any more.
  • Same year, I got a traffic ticket for $184, which I paid. Eleven years later, the court sent me a letter saying that they miscalculated the fine for the ticket, and I owe them another $32. I refused to pay it because the statute of limitations had passed and there was nothing that they could do about it.
  • In 2004, a cop told my girlfriend how to use the courts to steal my stuff by claiming that I had committed domestic violence. It took me months to get it straightened out. 
  • I foolishly told the above story to a GF in 2012 and that one copied the scheme. When I beat it in court, she openly told the judge that her new boyfriend was a cop, and he would find a reason to have me arrested. My attorney asked the judge to make sure that statement was entered into and part of the record for the trial.
  • In 2005, I had someone steal a check for over $200 from my mailbox, forge my name and deposit the money into his bank account. The number of the account that the check was deposited into was printed on the back of the check. I went to the station to report the crime. I had a copy of the check. All the cop had to do was go to the bank, get the name of the account owner, and make the arrest. Anyone could have done it, it wasn’t a hard crime to solve. The cops told me that they didn’t have the manpower to solve a crime for such a small amount of money. On the way home from the police station, I passed 6 cops with cars pulled over, writing traffic tickets.
  • As a paramedic in 2010, I ran a call on a report of man who was unconscious and slumped over the wheel at an intersection. When I got there, he was obviously drunk, so I reached in and took the keys out of the ignition and put them on the vehicle’s roof. When the cops got there, they let the man call his girlfriend and let her give him a ride home. They said that they couldn’t prove that he was behind the wheel. I told them I would testify, but then the cop told me that his shift was over soon, and he didn’t want to stay late to do the paperwork. I found out later he was a friend of one of the cops.
  • In 2016, I had to draw a gun on someone who then fled the scene when he claimed to be a cop and tried to “arrest” me but wouldn’t show ID or a badge. I called the cops and the one who showed up didn’t even take a report. Exactly zero effort was made to catch the guy.
  • In 2018, I had a police supervisor tell me that silencers and machine guns were illegal. I offered to bring in NFA items with the proper paperwork, so the cops could be trained to recognize the proper forms and know the law. They refused, and told me “Keep that stuff out of my town or you will be arrested.”
  • Also in 2018, an armed man was burglarizing cars in my neighborhood. He was caught on my security cameras. The cops used my footage to catch the burglar, but he reached a plea deal that included expunging his record. All he got was probation, even though he broke into four vehicles, stealing one of them.
  • In 2022, I was assisting in the treatment of a patient who got violent with me and had to be physically restrained. He was a retired NYPD detective. He swore that I attacked him for no reason and tried to choke him. He called me a “punk ass bitch” and said that he was a retired NYC police officer, and that he would find me on the street and “fucking kill” me. I was interviewed by police detectives, and suspended without pay until I was cleared of criminal wrongdoing.
  • In January of this year, a woman threatened me at work. She threatened to follow me home to see where I lived, then wait until I went to work and murder my family. I formed my employer to call the police, but they did nothing but take a report. That’s fine. At least there is a record if I have to smoke the crazy bitch at the end of my driveway.
  • Then I watched a police officer use his Taser to attack a prisoner while the prisoner was shackled by all four limbs to the hospital bed.

As the wheels come off, you will see more and more of this. People WILL lose faith in our legal system. Things WILL get much worse.

The Camps are Coming: Time Grows Short

HRC says that Trump supporters should be put into “reeducation camps.” She is citing the Republicans who are going along with Democrat talking points as being pragmatic enough to make this happen. Watch this segment. It’s worth a few minutes of your time, trust me. If you aren’t terrified and angered by this, you aren’t paying attention.

MAGA extremists, according to her, are taking their marching orders from Trump, and are the tail wagging the Republican dog. According to her, Trump supporters have been psychologically and emotionally manipulated and need to be reprogrammed in order to be brought back to their senses. It’s a cult, according to her, and Trump being defeated will permit Republicans to get back to fighting about issues among themselves. She goes on to say that a formal deprogramming of these extremists needs to happen.

She says that Democrats need to empower the “right people” within the Republican party. Make not mistake, what she is talking about is the complete takeover of the government by ensuring that both parties are singing the same note. This means that they are going to put Trump into prison or kill him before eliminating anyone in the Republican party who doesn’t vote in the approved manner. Then, they are coming for the individuals who disagree with the uniparty line.

The fact that mainline Democrats are talking like this is quite frightening. That they are willing to come right out and say what they are going to do is an indication that they are certain of a win, and they don’t care who knows it. When a person says that they are willing to put Americans into concentration camps, they need to be believed.

Nothing will make me angrier and more likely to use violence in opposition than people knocking on doors and hauling their political opponents off to reeducation camps. You want to see the violence begin? Do it.

People have called me a paranoid asshole for over 30 years because I have taken the position that gun ownership means being able to resist government tyranny. Now the left is coming right out and telling you their plan to haul you off for reeducation. Do you still think I am paranoid?

If you still don’t believe it, why not? They have been doing it to the J6 defendants for years.

To the police and others who would be the ones enforcing this: Are you willing to die to take us to the camps? Because I am willing to die to stay out of them, and I will take as many of you with me as I can. I hope to make it as expensive as possible.

To everyone: Please take this as one of the final warnings. Trump is delaying them for now. All of their attention is focused on defeating him. Once he is out of the way, it won’t be long before they start working down the list. My theory is that Trump will be defeated in one fashion or another, and then there will be an enabling incident that will occur organically, or will be staged. That will be all of the excuse that they need.

They have been making their lists for years. Here is a story about their Florida efforts.

Rush your preparations to completion.

  • Make sure that you have guns, body armor, magazines, and ammunition.
  • Cache some of them off site. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • Know who the people in your area are. Know where the liberals live. Try to figure out who the informers are.
  • Know how to escape your home neighborhood and your job on foot. Have a BOB in your vehicle. They may come for you while you aren’t home.
  • Practice an escape and evasion plan.

Do it. Your life will probably depend on it. If they DO come for you, don’t go quietly in the hope that they will let you go or kill you last. The Soviets have a road built by the residents of the Gulags- there are a million people’s bones in the pavement of that road.

Left Out Some Details

An excellent article on why the armed US citizen would win in a conflict with their government, but the article overlooks some details. First, what the claim is:

If troops continued to fight, then they would find themselves facing combat veterans who had walked in their boots, knew their equipment, and knew their tactics. Troops would still have to set up security checkpoints. Troops in tanks and troop carriers still have to get out to pee. Troops would still have to drive through hostile cities and interact with the population.

It isn’t just that. I have said before that civil wars are ALWAYS ugly. How much morale will there be when the soldiers manning the armored troop carriers come home to find their family dead? Or will the worker in an ammo factory or civilian making aircraft engines still put out quality work after a military patrol has killed their family for not turning in an old shotgun?

A civil war in this country would be a very ugly affair. There would be no winning, only different degrees of losing.


Another data point that a government engineered economic downturn is coming. Congressional finance committee members are shorting the stock market. They are buying PSQ, HDGE, and SH. All are funds that short major indices in the market. This indicates that Congressional Financial Committee members are anticipating an economic downturn.

Why? What do they know?