5th Circuit Gets It Right

The 5th circuit Court of appeals struck down the Trump bump stock ban today, but not on 2A grounds. The appellant said that a bump stock can’t be a machine gun because the law defines a machine gun as one that fires multiple times with a “single function of the trigger” and a bump stock causes the trigger to function multiple times.

The government argued that the key is the action of the shooter, who only has to do one thing, the shooter’s trigger finger isn’t doing anything other than sitting still.

That would be a great argument if the law said a machine gun is one that fires multiple shots with a single action taken by the shooter, but that isn’t what the law says. It specifically says “single function of the trigger.”

Stay Away From Our Kids

It’s just that simple. I don’t care if a man wants to have sex with other men. I don’t care if a man wants to dress as a woman. I don’t care if a man thinks that he is a woman. Whatever. You do you. What I care about is that you don’t force me to play along, and I especially want you to stay away from kids.

So when I see a man who thinks that he is a woman and dresses like a cat in order to give shows to children, especially when he openly states that he is “delivering children-focused programming with the goal of helping children develop positive relationships with themselves and others,” I have a problem with it. This mother should be investigated:

South Philly resident Mishana Klein has been taking her 7-year-old daughter to the story time since it first started five years ago. When her daughter first attended she “used to be really self-conscious … and now she’s so confident when she struts along with Maria Topcatt,”

Meanwhile, they are using public schools to indoctrinate children in the first grade. At least here in Florida, it’s illegal for them to use your tax dollars to groom first grade children for being molested by men who think that they are women and are dressed like cats in order to lure children.

Meanwhile, the Columbus, Ohio police department hears about a drag queen story hour for kids, and VOLUNTEERS to provide security, even though they were expressly told by the groomer freaks that they weren’t needed or wanted.

I don’t understand why the cops want to support the very people who want to defund them. Seeing that there have been violent political protests and that police are actively providing support and security for the leftists, I am forced to move Columbus from Zone 1 to Zone 3.

Don’t forget that Zone 3 is a zone where violence has has taken place with little to no attempt at mitigating response from local authorities. Additionally, police and/or prosecutors are likely to bring the full weight of the law down upon those who attempt to defend themselves from these actors, or those who speak out against them.

New Law for Landlords in Florida

If you own a rental property in Florida, today is the day that a new law goes into effect. Owners of rental property consisting of 5 or more units (including hotels) will have to conduct background checks of all employees, and will have to keep a log of everyone who is given a key to rental units and requires that the key be returned once the work in that unit is complete.

This law is a response to a 19 year old woman that was murdered by the maintenance man of her apartment complex. Even if this law had been in place then, it would have prevented nothing. The maintenance man had no criminal history.

Also, nothing in the law prevents a person with murderous intent from making a copy of the key and then using that copy six months later.

Stupid, useless law that accomplishes nothing.

About the Fentanyl Incident

Since everyone on the Internet has been talking about the cop who claims to have been exposed to Fentanyl, I think it’s appropriate to talk about it. I think it’s a bullshit story. We give Fentanyl in the ED all of the time. We have patients who use it all of the time. I had one patient who was chewing on her Fentanyl patches. She didn’t overdose. Let’s talk about this story:

  1. Fentanyl isn’t readily absorbed through intact skin. Yes, there are Fentanyl patches, but they are specially formulated and take a long time to absorb. Think about it: if it were that easy to overdose on it, the drug dealers would be dropping from it before they could sell it.
  2. From the American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) and American Academy of Clinical Toxicology(AACT): “the risk of clinically significant exposure to emergency responders is extremely low. To date, we have not seen reports of emergency responders developing signs or symptoms consistent with opioid toxicity from incidental contact with opioids...Industrial producers of fentanyl use time-weighted average occupational exposure limits (OEL-TWA) for alfentanil (1mcg/m3), fentanyl (0.1 mcg/m3), and sufentanil (0.032 mcg/m3) to limit exposure. At the highest airborne concentration encountered by workers, an unprotected individual would require nearly 200 minutes of exposure to reach a dose of 100 mcg of Fentanyl. The vapor pressure of fentanyl is very low (4.6 x 10-6Pa) suggesting that evaporation of standing product into a gaseous phase is not a practical concern
  3. In fact, there has never been a case of LEO opioid overdose that has been confirmed by toxicology.
  4. I watched the video. The symptoms that she is exhibiting are not consistent with opioid overdose. Her respirations are rapid and shallow, and her pupils are far too large for opioids. Nearly every viral story that I have seen is the same. Looks more like anxiety than it does opioids: Dizziness, feels like dying, racing heart, nausea. Look at the pupils.

In opioid overdoses, the pupils look more like this:

Look, I am not hating on the cops here. It’s just that they aren’t trained very well in this. Ever since they began giving Narcan to the cops to carry around, they give it all the time to almost everyone, even people who don’t need it. The cops got a short lecture on naloxone, less than 2 hours of training in some cases, then were turned loose. Now there are tons of companies making money selling “Fentanyl proof” gloves, and the legend grows with every viral, unsupported video.

The odd part is that multiple doctors have stopped in to the local news channel to report that this video looks nothing like an opiate overdose, but the news channel keeps deleting their comments. I wonder why.