Signs of Shortages

Shipping delays and other supply chain problems are causing major retailers to struggle with keeping supplies and goods on the shelves. Costco has just announced rationing of items like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and drinking water.

As this country slides more and more towards Communism, we will see more of this. In a market driven economy, bread sits in the stores waiting for consumers. In a centrally planned economy, consumers sit in the store waiting on bread.

As more and more of the left’s plans become effective, this is just another example of Communism’s (or where we are now Socialism, also called Communism lite) inability to work anywhere but in the minds of the Communists.


Messed up

A teacher in a school died of COVID. Here is how her school announced that classes would be canceled one day for her funeral. Having an employer like this makes you feel all appreciated.


Transitory Inflation

A billionaire hedge fund manager is contradicting the Fed’s claim that the high inflation we are seeing now is “transitory.”

The central bank in August 2020 tweaked its policy, saying it would allow inflation to run “moderately” above 2% “for some time” in order to help the central bank meet its goal of full employment. The problem here isn’t that the economy is preventing full employment. There are jobs, business wants to hire. It’s just that the money being dumped into the economy by the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government are allowing people to sit at home without working.

It is only a matter of time before the Reserve Banks have to acknowledge what all of us already know- inflation has massively taken off. Once the FR makes it official, the market will tank, the bond market will go sour, and interest rates on the debt will soar. That will force the government to devalue the dollar in order to be able to afford the interest payments on our $30 trillion (give or take) debt.

Our rate of borrowing is already incredible. We have increased the National Debt by $6 trillion in the past two years. Since September of 2016, we have borrowed $9 trillion. It took our nation from its inception all the way to 2007 (231 years) to borrow $9 trillion. Since 2007, we have borrowed another $19 trillion.

Our debt is so large that a one percent increase in interest rates represents almost $350 billion in extra interest that must be paid. An interest rate that increases by just 3 percent will leave no money in the budget for anything else, not even Social Security.

Every President and Congress for the past 80 years has kicked this can down the road.

Trump increased the National Debt by 141% from $19.6 to $27.7 trillion in four years.

President Obama increased the debt by 185%- to $19.57 Trillion.

President George W Bush borrowed $5 trillion in 8 years, increasing the national debt by 187%.

It took President Clinton 3 and a half years to borrow his first trillion dollars. All told, he borrowed $1.2 trillion in his first term, and $600 billion in his second. He increased the national debt by 140% in eight years.

George HW Bush borrowed his first trillion in 3 years, and he increased the National debt by 170% in four years.

Reagan borrowed his first trillion in 6 years, and doubled the National debt during his eight years in the White House.

Carter increased the National debt by 150%, but “only” borrowed $300 billion in 4 years. I guess that was when $1 billion was real money.

Ford increased the debt by 147% in 3 years., Nixon by 135% in 5 years, Johnson by 116% in 6 years, Kennedy by 106% in 2 years, Eisenhower by 108% in eight years.

Biden may well be the President who is left holding the bag.


Great Reset

Over Two-Thirds of Businesses Worldwide Report Hiring Difficulties


Huge money movement

The National Debt stands at $28.4 trillion as of September 10. When Biden took office 233 days earlier, the debt stood at $27.7 trillion. That is $3 billion borrowed per day, every day of this Presidency, or $34,700 a second. If you want to look at it as money per citizen, the US has borrowed $2,111 for every single person in the nation since Jan 20.

The US government used to publish the public debt to the penny going back decades. They don’t anymore. Some time since Biden was inaugurated, the website has been moved to a new site, and it now only goes back 5 years. Coincidentally to the beginning of the Trump administration.

The Fed has been monetizing the debt for over a decade. Since the debt is being turned into cash, the official public debt is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at the increase in the money supply. The M1 money supply is the amount of US dollars in circulation in cash and bank accounts that aren’t savings accounts. The M2 money supply is M1 plus what is in savings accounts, but not including retirement accounts like 401k.


Note that the amount of money in circulation (M1) went from $4.289 trillion to $19.445 trillion in just 16 months. That is an increase of $15.2 trillion. The amount in M2 went from $16.076 trillion to $20.564 trillion, an increase of about $4.5 trillion.

So not only did $4.5 trillion get created out of thin air, but $11 trillion shifted from savings to circulation. This means that Americans are cleaning out their savings accounts.


Labor shortage continues

School bus drivers, at least in my area, aren’t full time jobs. The job is only for 4 to 5 hours a day, 180 days a year. A half time job, at best. In Orange County, they are offering a $3500 sign on bonus, and they still can’t get enough applicants, no one even showed up to the hiring event. It’s not just a Florida problem. There is a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers. Massachusetts can’t get enough school bus drivers, so the Governor has activated the National Guard and is forcing them to drive the bus.

School bus drivers aren’t the only shortage. Substitute teachers are short as well.

It isn’t just the public sector. A restaurant in Winter Park has closed its doors after 35 years. Not for lack of business, but for lack of employees. There were only 4 people left who worked there, and no one was even applying for jobs. I have eaten there before, the food was actually quite good.

The left claims that no one wants to return to work because wages are too low. I just don’t buy this one. How can people afford to simply sit at home with no money coming in? The answer is simple: they don’t need the money.

If they don’t need the money, the next question is: Why don’t they need the money? Logic follows that they must either have no bills, or have another source of money to cover those bills. We all know that they must have SOME bills. Food, the cell phones that everyone seems to have, etc.

That must mean that employers have competition. Someone is paying them enough that they don’t need to work. Welfare, combined with food stamps, the $300 a month tax payments for having children, and other monies issued from the public dole are removing the main incentive for working: they don’t need more to live on.

The US government is practically pouring bags of cash out of helicopters. Even businesses are catching tons of cash. Selected businesses, that is. The Biden administration is handing out $482 million to aircraft manufacturing companies, even though they are making trillions.

Here comes the inflation.


Quote of the Day

This one goes to Larry Correia, who as usual, hits one out of the park:

[The Biden Administration] can’t even guard an airport from a bunch of goat rapists, but by golly, they’re going to swagger back to America, say fuck you Separation of Powers, fuck your Three Branches of Government, tear off a big chunk of the Constitution and wipe their ass with it on TV, all in the name of “the greater good”. That’s sure to be a hit!

Go read the whole thing. This rant is epic!


Through the lens of the future

No matter what your contribution is to any field of endeavor, you will be judged in hindsight 150 years from now by people using standards and morals that don’t even exist yet.



If you are a parent and don’t want your children to wear a mask, don’t go to the school to speak with administration. If you do, the school will be placed on lockdown and you will be banned from going there.

I say this as a former teacher who spent 7 years there: do not put your kids in public school. They do not have your child’s best interests in mind. They only care about funding and political power.


Note the phrasing

The pro-mandate doctor “brushed the arm” of the anti-mandate protester, who “pushed the doctor into the street.”

No bias there.