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SCOTUS has ruled that the CDC forcing landlords to provide tenants with free houses is an unconstitutional expansion of the CDC’s authority. They also refused to overturn the ban.

So what is the court or the Constitution FOR then? I voted for Trump because I thought he would appoint justices to SCOTUS that were better than the ones Hillary would appoint. I guess I was wrong.


Hoard and cache

The ATF is going to ban 80 percent firearms and the entire hobby of Personally Made Firearms. There is also likely going to be a new assault weapons ban. I would also say that the likelihood of a civil war is higher now than it has been in over a century.

The only thing that makes sense as a response to all of the above is to buy as many 80 percent receivers as you can, make as many of them into firearms as you can before a ban goes into effect, and then make yourself caches of weapons that are hidden in your AO in areas where you can reach them.

An ideal cache would be a homemade AR, 5 magazines, 150 rounds of ammo, and five one ounce silver coins, all wiped free of prints, all sealed in PVC pipe with desiccant and buried in a location that is in your AO where it likely won’t be accidentally found, but not on your property. I remember when such a setup cost less than $500 total per copy. Hopefully, you took advantage of that. Three or four of those in the area will ensure that you can always access one if needed.

You never know…



Time to remind people about censorship and the ability to blog. If you have seen this offer before, or if you aren’t interested in blogging, don’t bother reading this.

The left not just going after blogs and social media- they are going after podcasts as well. The powers that be intend to shut down all media that is not state approved. See this report here.

I was trying to listen to conservative talk radio on Sirius and on Blaze TV, but the hosts are refusing to admit that the election was bogus, but saying “we will get them next time.” Conservative talk has been brought to heel and has been told what they can and cannot say. Alternative media like bloggers are all that is left of the free press.

There is still room to share this server. The cost to host a blog on this server is $25 per month, billed quarterly. My IT support team charges a small fee to import the contents of your blog to this server. I have domains that are included in the price, or we can get you a custom domain. The only rule that I have is: no porn sites. I am not interested in having porn on my site for two reasons: they are resource hogs (both storage space and bandwidth) and I don’t feel like having to expend my own time and energy defending porn distributors.

Even if you don’t contact me, find an alternative server now, or your blogs and podcasts may be gone forever. An XML backup is no longer sufficient, as Blogger and WordPress no longer support migration by XML. If your blog is cancelled, there may be no way to recover it.

If interested in having your blog hosted here, the email is



Developers run the state of Florida. There is a massive influx of people from the north who are coming to Florida, and the current residents are the ones paying the bill. A case in point:

Sumter County Florida contains a large community called “The Villages.” The entire community is being built by a family owned company. They are planning to build 60,000 homes in the next 20 years. The cost for the infrastructure needed for this community is being left to the taxpayers of the county.

To cover these expenses, Sumter county passed a 25% increase in property taxes in 2019. The Villages managed this by getting several of their employees elected to the county commission. The developer claims that they are paying their share by building parks and golf courses- “amenities.” What they fail to say is that the amenities are only permitted to the people who live in the Villages and pay amenities fees. The fire stations, deputies, road maintenance, and other required public infrastructure is left to the tax payer.

If a developer builds a house in The Villages, or any other retirement community in Sumter County, the impact fee to help pay for roads is $972. If a developer builds the exact same house outside The Villages, the impact fee nearly triples to $2,666. That deal is thanks to the three commissioners that were on the board until the last election.

Voters were incensed, and replaced three of them in the 2020 election. The new commissioners passed a bill to roll back the tax, and make impact fees the same throughout the county.

That was defeated when the state of Florida passed a law limiting impact fees. The Representative who sponsored the impact fee limit? He is an employee of The Villages with a $350K a year salary. The number one contributor to his election campaign? His employer, the Holding Company of the Villages, Inc.

Hage’s employment with The Villages was revealed on a Form 6 Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interests filed by him last year. The form shows that during 2019, he was paid $141,003 from the Holding Company of The Villages. He also was paid $113,554 from T&D Distribution Inc., $14,410 from T&D Concrete Inc., and $11,000 from T&D Supplies Inc. T&D is the construction company that does all of the construction work in the Villages. Hage’s state representative salary – one he clearly isn’t earning – was $29,697.

When what is bought and sold is decided by the legislator, the first thing that is bought and sold are the legislators.


Holy crap

Ikea is under fire for celebrating Juneteenth by serving its employees a special celebratory lunch of fried chicken, watermelon, mac n cheese, potato salad, collard greens, and candied yams.

Either someone at Ikea thinks they are funny, or they are tone deaf.



More thoughts on the President’s false bravado about citizens and their AR15’s being useless in the face of fighter jets and nukes.

Remember how brave they were 5 months ago?

Members of the Flintstones Order of the Water Buffalo captured the Capitol while unarmed.

honk honk

This was just before they summoned 30,000 fat assed National guard clerks and office personnel from MEAL Team 6 to guard DC.

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Nukes are useless

Joe Biden today said that US citizens can’t use AR15s to resist the power of his government because they’d need F-15s & nukes to take on the government.

I know how we can get some- just look on the Internet, where the geniuses of the US Air Force have posted the information needed to steal them.

All kidding aside- what the President is saying is that he is going to use nukes on US citizens on US soil. I cannot ever remember any sitting US President threatening to use nuclear weapons against his own country. So, to you on the left who are apparently feeling like you are experts in military conflict: Explain exactly how nuclear weapons would help the US government win a war against its own citizens. Will you drop one on Chicago? Your own farmland?

What about those F15s? What can an F15 do against a citizen militia? In case you didn’t know- the F15 is a fighter aircraft, completely useless against anything but other aircraft. Now I know that you idiots think that the F15 is somehow a magic talisman, even to the point of trying to use one to intimidate protesters, but it won’t work.

Let me explain to you how such a conflict would work:

You call out the troops, and they show up with tanks and every heavy weapon they can find. The militia disappears, blending into the populace. Then, while this massive army is in the field, the citizens showed up at the factory that made some indispensable widget required for your tanks to work, and killed half of the assembly line workers.

So half the army now has to be posted at the factory. The next time, the citizens show up at the houses of the families of those troops. Now they all have to be moved onto secure bases.

Then what? A soldier goes out on the town for a bit R&R then disappears.

Wars like that get ugly. I think that at this point, such a conflict appears unavoidable.



The “Isis Bride” who defected to Isis and joined the terrorists in fighting her own country now says that she was just a “dumb kid” when at 15 years old she and two classmates set off for Syria to join the terror group. Her two friends are believed to have died in the fighting. She had three children by her Muslim husband, all of them killed in the fighting.

Keep in mind that she was, as late as 2019, saying that she had no regrets, but claims that everyone should have sympathy for what she has been through. Otherwise, she has shown no remorse.

Her biggest regret is that she can’t watch Friends or the Kardashians.

I do agree that your country shouldn’t be able to remove your citizenship without a fair shot at a hearing. Instead of exile, they should allow her to return and face charges of treason and terrorism. If convicted, then the penalty should be life in prison. If it is proven that she directly supported the war by providing material support or by actually taking up arms, she should be put to death.


Still on vacation

Posting is still on hold. Vacation. It sure is warm here, but strangely comfortable. Here is the temperature as recorded by my rental car: