Russel G., in response to this morning’s training video pointed to this video.

Now let me explain why the guy in this video is a tool.

His warnings are silly. He says that communications are useless because reasons. He then lists five of them. Let me explain why this guy is a clueless idiot:

1 The number one reason for not having communications, according to this idiot, is that you don’t have other preps taken care of. “You ain’t got a well. What if utilities go down because the Russians hacked it?” A radio won’t help you because you and none of your buddies have any preps except radios, gold coins, and ammo. Is this guy new to prepping? Does he think that he is the first guy to think of the five basics? (Food, Shelter, Weapons, Communications, Water)

2 No matter how much comms gear you have, there will be no one to talk to. Well the same would go for owning guns, or any other prep. Guess what? For about $350, you can buy ten BAOFENG radios, the programming cable, and the software. Now you have ten people to talk to.

3 He says radios don’t work because the people who own these radios are too stupid to know how to use them, or have the software to program their radios.

4 In point 4, he claims that they will RDF your radio, match it to the cell phone you are carrying, track that for weeks, then use that to raid 47 of your compatriots at once.

  • This is dumb as well. See 5a and 5b, below. Even if they started doing this, imagine the fun that could be had with a couple of decoy radios planted in the cars, homes, or office buildings of random targets.

5 In this point, he imagines a situation where a person keys up the mic on his VHF radio, an RDF unit locates it, then directs massive firepower on to the transmitter’s location. There are multiple problems with this scenario.

a. If you are using the UV-5R, why would you use a special frequency out in the middle of nowhere, where the OPFOR would be certain it was a target? The strength of the little guy in assymetric warfare is that he can blend into the background. Why stay in the woods when you can stay in the middle of town and use a GMRS or baby monitor frequencies? Do you see them flattening an entire grid square in the middle of Atlanta because they detected one of several million GMRS radios transmitting?

b. VHF is line of sight, and this is low power we are talking about. Thanks to physics, in order for ANY force to reliably RDF on it, they have to be within a few miles. Each RDF unit would only be able to detect in an area of about 30 square miles. Now imagine trying to cover the state of say, Tennessee with an RDF unit every 30 square miles. 24x7x365. How manpower intensive is that? Couple that with the billions of radio transmitters there are out there, and you see the scope of the problem in the enemy telling the difference between the sheep and the goats.

c. Even if they started doing this, imagine the fun that could be had with a decoy transmitter placed next to something the rebels want to destroy. A water plant, some power transmission lines, or a dam. It’s like having the enemy supply your artillery and demolitions for you.

The biggest threat isn’t RDF. It isn’t that you will have no one to talk to. In fact, the biggest threat is none of the things he mentioned. The biggest threat is that one of the people in your communications network has been compromised and is actually an informer. That is true even if you don’t have radios.

His entire video is just a variation of “you can’t fight the government because they have F-15s and nukes and you don’t.”

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rightwingterrorist · September 26, 2021 at 6:02 pm

If it gets to that point they’ve already lost.
And/or (really don’t see this happening) the Chicoms, NATO, and the UN are here.
But would they do that in their death throghs?


Recon Intel Is Best Intel · September 26, 2021 at 11:45 pm

How will you get intel or organize with others without comms?
Without comms you won’t be able to warn about traps and ambushes or what the local conditions are regarding friendlies or hostiles.
Even the weather could be totally different from where you are ten miles in any direction, no way to relay that without comms.
This is a purpose of demonstration video, of what not do.

nick flandrey · September 26, 2021 at 11:45 pm

Sweet jebus that guy is hard to watch. And even harder to listen to. He’s the king of “I don’t know something so probably no one knows it. And if I don’t know it, it’s not worth knowing. So anyone who might know it is just fooling themselves and probably stupid too.”

I wouldn’t have made it past the first 15 seconds of his made up “super blaster 10thousand fat lotta hoey antenna thingy” speech if you hadn’t mentioned him as a bad example.

The most telling part was his “most of us probably don’t even have the basics” statement. Ok baby duck.

Surprising, because he sounds like the typical gear whore prepper, “if you don’t have a well with a hand pump, you’re gonna DIE!” If you don’t have this one piece of gear, you’re gonna DIE! If he knew anything about comms, he’d be pimping some “one piece of gear” radio every squad should have, and the “one piece of gear” every sigint team should buy….

I wonder what his advice is about storing food– you shouldn’t bother because the .gov will just confiscate it anyway, and besides you can’t store enough to feed the locusts that will show up at your door, and when you cook everyone will smell it and come running like a dinner bell rang, and it’ll all spoil, and besides, your dumb ass will probably be dead in a week because you don’t have a well in your yard…..

Or his advice about medical and first aid, no point in putting together a kit, because there are these people called Doctors out there and they know so much more than you that you better not even bandaid that cut, because you could get it wrong and it could go septic, and if you had illegal ABX you could KILL SOMEONE with the wrong dose, so when you get a scrape, rub some dirt on it pussy!

Man it’s exhausting listening to guys like him. So many ways you can’t and shouldn’t, and won’t.

No way I’m giving him any clicks to find out if I’m right. I think I’ll fire up my HF radio instead. See what band conditions are like tonight. Maybe turn up the volume on the digital scanner and get some more info about undercover ops in my area, see if the ops pace has changed much from last week… figure out which task force is flying the helo overhead tonight. If it’s Flint, I know it’s the DEA. If I don’t recognize the voice, I better start taking some more notes.


(and I’m a bit disheartened by the number of comments that basically say, “I’m gonna die in the first week anyway, so no point in any of this.” Jeez, if nothing else, leave a stockpile for whoever comes next, or vow to take one out before you go yourself.)

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