Some parents of disabled students are suing Governor Desantis of Florida. Why? They claim that the state’s lack of a mask mandate is discrimination because the other children not wearing masks makes school unsafe, and is thus a violation of the ADA.

“He likes to be with his friends, he likes to be integrated into the school environment,” said attorney Matthew Dietz. “He shouldn’t have to be in a trailer isolated just because he has a disability.”

So instead, all of the other children in the entire state should be forced to wear masks? Yep, that is exactly what they want.

So Will’s parents and those of 14 other disabled students on Friday sued DeSantis, the state Department of Education and school boards, seeking an injunction to prevent the state from discriminating against the disabled students by denying them a safe environment.

Note that no one is saying that children CAN’T wear masks at school. The governor is saying that the child and their parents retain the choice of whether or not to wear a mask. That isn’t good enough for the left. People can do things without being compelled to do so. What is it with liberals? They think that the only way people do anything is for the government to require it, under threat of force. No wonder they hate cops. Every progressive idea ends with police, jails, and gulags.

I disagree with the premise of this lawsuit. I am not sure that the ADA can be used to compel behavior or acts from people uninvolved in the education of the special needs child. Yes, an IEP can be used to compel acts from the school or teachers, but I think it is stretching the boundaries of the ADA to require other students take acts to assist the student.

For example, putting a clause in the IEP requiring that other students push an ESE student’s wheel chair from class to class would not be appropriate.

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it's just Boris · August 8, 2021 at 7:09 am

That which is not forbidden, is mandatory.

A pre-coffee thought: if the only options for leftists are “must” and “forbidden,” does that mean they’re binary by nature (no matter what their Twitter feeds say)? And does it mean conservatives are intrinsically analog?

Don Curton · August 8, 2021 at 8:14 am

This is right up there with peanut butter. My kids can’t (couldn’t, they’re much older now) take peanut butter sandwiches because some other kid MIGHT be allergic. Well, tell that other kid to stay outta my kids lunchbox. There, that was easy. But nooooo, too easy. Plus, according to my wife, some people are so allergic even the smell of peanut butter would start an allergic reaction? So? Why don’t I kill people at work when I take a peanut butter sandwich?

But yeah, causing thousands of other students to suffer a hardship cause a handful have a special need – tyranny. No other description applies.

PapaSierra · August 8, 2021 at 8:21 am

Face masks are useless against an airborne virus. It’s like trying to stop mosquitos with a chain-link fence. I admit that a face mask provides a limited benefit if someone is actively coughing or sneezing, but people who are coughing and sneezing shouldn’t be out in public.

Face masks are all about virtue signaling and mind control, not to public health.

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