The left continues accusing Republicans of plotting to overthrow the government, even though it was the Democrats that did so. The election was falsified, and now anyone who opposes or exposes what the left did is going to be ousted from power. Perhaps it will be a few Republicans, perhaps all Republicans who aren’t RINOs, or perhaps it will be the entire party.

This will all come to a head before the election. Hang on, shit is going to seem surreal.


EN2 SS · May 1, 2022 at 9:34 pm

I don’t think voting will stop the Evil of the leftists. Either Americans fight or they will put us in the cattle cars to the death camps. Decide where you stand now, once it gets real, will be to late.

Big Ruckus D · May 1, 2022 at 11:01 pm

At the rate things are deteriorating, I’ll be genuinely surprised if the election even occurs, especially since I don’t believe it will be conducted to any standard of propriety that will imbue the results with a widely accepted legitimacy.

There are myriad reasons being setup as we watch to declare an emergency, with the added possibility of martial law being imposed. A mass resurgence in covid (made far worse by the shots and their adverse effects), food and fuel shortages (and requisite huge price increases on both), other huge economic pain from inflation, the USD being increasingly in doubt, further contraction in supply of critical product from China being shut down or even intentionally withheld, and trying to start shit with Russia – plus the chances of retaliatory actions arising out of that – as just the major highlights.

That doesn’t even touch on exogenous events like a major natural disaster, a new heretorfore unknown health crisis or the fedgov going completely unhinged via the newly minted ministry of truth, and doing mass roundups of political adversaries as it lashes out in futility at maintaining control and a perception of legitimacy.

With so many major screwups on deck at once, and a system that is now running out of control with no apparent constraints whatsoever on the stupidity, corruption, criminality and bald faced abuse of power to keep it even nominally in check, something is going to break badly. That in turn will be the excuse that justifies these maniacs doing any damned thing they want.

Ultimately, they can’t hold it together. They aren’t as capable as they think they are, and there are too many “dissidents” and too large a physical area to have to police concurrently to take down all challenges to their power. But they can and will do enormous damage through planned starvation, suppression of the availability of fuel, medicne and electrical power all as a means of trying to force compliance.

So to, by the willy-nilly targeting and detainment (or simply the elimination) of those they are offended by. They will be counting on that approach to keep the more tentative amongst the dissident population from springing into action, lest they get picked off. The bad guys don’t have to get everyone; but rather just enough (with the media publicizing the purges on high 24/7) to foment FUD that cripples those of weak resolve from acting. A neat – and shamefully effective – trick, that one.

    dave in pa. · May 2, 2022 at 6:46 am

    like how they did to roger stone ? with the tv clowns there and rolling
    type of thing. put on the news 24/7 and scare the shit out of anyone thinking about standing up- yup, that will work on most people.
    one thing I learned over the years is be wary of cowards, because they they strike out, they do so to cause as much damage as they can before it blows back on them.
    I think they burn this country to the ground if they can’t get their way.
    forget about cops or anyone else standing up to them either, they go with their paychecks for the most part. just doing their job shit.

      Big Ruckus D · May 2, 2022 at 10:48 am

      Yes, exactly like that. Perhaps henceforth we shall refer to such theatrically staged operations either as getting Stoned, or getting Rogered. That said, if they wish to achieve maximal effectiveness with such tactics, an outfit that garners more than the paltry viewershit of cnn will be needed to provide the camera crews.

AC47spooky · May 2, 2022 at 4:35 pm

Y’all didn’t vote hard enough!

Don’t forget … it’s not who votes — it’s who counts the votes.

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