Antigun Guns

Don’t give up your guns

This is what governments do when they are unopposed by armed citizens.

Additionally, a bill passed in Hong Kong last week empowers authorities to bar anyone, without a court order, from entering or leaving Hong Kong – essentially opening the door for mainland China-style exit bans – and fails to prevent indefinite detention for refugees.

Don’t be loaded into the boxcars. Armed citizens are MUCH harder to load into boxcars.

6 replies on “Don’t give up your guns”

they will make examples of certain people…huge swat teams with armored cars, helicopters, televised…shoot your dog/s…all to set an example…after that, people will give them up…we all know it’s coming…

Oh, spare me all the guns bullshit. Guns are worthless without the will to fire them, and if anything has been proven in the last year it’s that those vaunted gun owners don’t have the will to fire. We already have tyranny and nary a shot has been fired. They will usher the rest of the cattle cars before getting on themselves.

I think that as the population ratio of want-to-be-left-alones to liberal-snitches changes, the outcome will change too as the balance of military power shifts. Wonder what Fall will bring? Immune overreaction to the jab? Hyperinflation?

If he does, or if you do, then i will join you. Somewhere, someone said it will start with one here, one there and then slowly build up. That won’t work, it will have to be an all at once kind of thing. If i thought anyone would follow me, i would start it now.

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