• So Joe Biden was keeping classified documents at his house.
  • Where crackhead son Hunter was staying.
  • Hunter was being paid obscene amounts of cash by foreign intelligence agents of Ukraine and China for running companies that he was wholly unqualified to run, and never had to actually go to work.
  • Hunter was also being paid under the table in untraceable assets like diamonds.
  • Hunter then paid his father Joe amounts of money that were far, far above market as “rent” for staying in the house where the documents were being stored.
  • Worse is that the Secret Service and the FBI are actively helping to cover it up.

I also want you to remember when the Clintons did the same thing. The Chinese got nuclear secrets while at the same time the Clintons were making gobs of cash in shady financial deals.

Our so-called leaders have been busy whoring themselves and selling out our nation for decades. Interestingly, why is this just now coming to light? Who is leaking this? According to the press, only 8 people knew about the scheme involving the Bidens. I’m thinking that we are seeing the installation of our next President about to happen.

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Hecho En China · January 22, 2023 at 2:05 pm

At least the tweets aren’t mean and Brandon can count to potato.
Hunter will smoke your ass under the table with a $1000 piece on the chore boy (pipe screen) in the steamroller.
He likes choo choo, will FUSA ever have high speed rail?
Honk, honk!

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