This is crappy reporting.

First off, I doubt that the journalist interviewed Harris, even though he was quoted in the article, because the only person named Harris in this story is one of the decedents.

“Jerric, you know, he’s not a bad (person), he’s not bad at all,” Harris said.

Second, the story claims that “there are victims on both sides,” but I don’t consider the person shot in a gun battle with police after he murdered someone to be a “victim.” He is a murderer, a criminal. This is the basic problem that I have with the left: they view all people who are shot as “victims,” even if the so called victim is the perpetrator.

Third, the family of this murderer then begins campaigning for gun control because their choir boy relative isn’t a bad person, so what happened must be the fault of the gun he used, and of the police who obviously overreacted and killed yet another black man for no reason whatsoever.

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