Holy crap

Ikea is under fire for celebrating Juneteenth by serving its employees a special celebratory lunch of fried chicken, watermelon, mac n cheese, potato salad, collard greens, and candied yams.

Either someone at Ikea thinks they are funny, or they are tone deaf.

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i think it’s funny as fuck…the whole world has gone insane…embrace the suck buddies…

Oh that’s epic… HAS to be a troll… they could never get away with it in the Euro arena.. when I was a kid (early 80’s) living all over Europe, I saw with my own eyes how absolutely hardcore racist the Germans, Dutch, Swedes, every. single. country. I was in… ALL of them… it was the height of hilarity to see them during celebrations to be done up in ‘Al Jolson’ level stuff…

I would wager the only blacks that were offended were those who choose to celebrate Juneteenth.

I [don’t] wonder if Ikea will lose a single cent of business over this…

I’d be very pleased if someone served me a meal of fried chicken, candied yams, collard greens, mac+cheese, potato salad, and watermelon. Love all that stuff. Sounds even better right now, seeing as I just choked down some sort of “protein bar” in place of a proper dinner.

Whoever did that at Ikea is my hero. In an idiot-savant way if they did it with sincerely good intentions, and with oak-leaf clusters and a cherry on top if it was done sarcastically.

I can’t speak as to Germanic folks, but I can say that many many East Asians coming to the US for the first time have to be strenuously counselled to NOT laugh at or about American Blacks. Not because of what Black people might do so much as what good whites and fellow whites will do.

Yeah. That looks like an ordinary “church social” menu where I am. And way better than some “business lunches” I’ve suffered through.

I have this feeling if they’d have found an objection to anything they’d been served, so it probably didn’t matter what Idea chose.

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